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  1. dna216

    dna216 New Member

    I have a droid x n have been trying to get hulu to play since I got the phone. I was told that 2.2 would have flash 10.1 support. When I got the update july worked flawlessly. A few hours later every video gave me a "this video is unavailable, if u continue to receive this message clear ur cache" so I did n nothing changed. I went check my flash n the flash player had uninstalled itself. I reinstalled n applied the update n got the same result. I tried other flash sites n they r not working(only flash games work, no videos). I brought my phone to Verizon n they gave me a replacement saying it should b able to play. The new phone is doing the same thing. Can someone help me? Is this a skimmed down version of flash or is the flash support bullshit? Y will this not play after hours of flawless performance? It also freezes the browser everytime, full episode or clip, any show. Please help!

    Is there a divx web player yet? I know u can use ur pc as a server to stream them through, but can I pull up movies from icefilms.info or alluc.org directly through the browser?

  2. defkorn

    defkorn Well-Known Member

    Hulu blocks access to their site from mobile phones, there is usually a way around it though. The Skyfire browser used to work, but I haven't check it in a while. As far the the browser crashing, I've noticed this on flash intensive sites but it seems to be random.
  3. dna216

    dna216 New Member

    I figured it was something like that. Thanks

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