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flash player 11.0General

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  1. anabhi

    anabhi Member

    :rolleyes:i am new here
    and i have flash player 11.0+setting for micromax a70
    requierment is working on hybird roms and who support flash kernal
    here the linkFLASH PLAYER 11.0{ARM V6}
    feature- faster then older flash player
    press thanks if i helped:love:

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  2. ulfattu

    ulfattu Well-Known Member

    This is not working. How to make it work?
  3. anabhi

    anabhi Member

    hey it's work on cutom rom which have flash kernal ;)
    like hybird
  4. ulfattu

    ulfattu Well-Known Member


    My A70 is on Hybrid 3.0, after executing the flash player the system goes to setting.adobe.com but nothing is displayed.
  5. anabhi

    anabhi Member

    but it's showed on my device-micromax a70{custom rom};)
    don't worry , now ab you can play flash file from webs:D

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