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  1. sdkfreak321

    sdkfreak321 Active Member

  2. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    following these instructions does work. After install goto miniclips.com it will say either "flash not installed" when you click a game to play online or take you to the game. If you start playing the game you know you have it installed correctly -- ​
  3. Newb4Life

    Newb4Life Member

    i have a copy of the lib but does anyone have the flash player 11 apk for this fix?

    seems they took adobe flash off the market entirely.
  4. tattoowood13

    tattoowood13 Member

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  5. nasstyrome

    nasstyrome Well-Known Member

    heres a spoiler:

    there is no working adobe flash method for the samsung admire.
  6. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    naw bro thats actually incorrect, the first thing i did when i got my admire was rooting, bootloop, freakout, fix bootloop, de-bloat, and install flash player. i followed what the video said and it worked perfectly. the lib files stayed in place after the phone being turned on and off when. ultimately though having flash player on this phone is not even worth it as the app is around 9MB, and in reality is unnecessary.
  7. Newb4Life

    Newb4Life Member

    I had it working before but the links for the apk are dead now.

    o_O That is one hell of a language to learn just to download an app and as a System Security major I wouldn't recommend trying to go about it blindly. If you're not sure what I am talking about try clicking on the DL links in that guide.

    Does anyone have another link for that version of flash?
  8. mai8ko

    mai8ko Well-Known Member

    Sweet! So glad to have flash installed! (as some videos won't play w/o it) Actually, the first method posted didn't work for me. The second method posted by tattoo worked flawlessly though. You gotta download a coupla files from a chinese website, but other than that the process is pretty 123... I'd post the files that you need, but don't wanna run into any possible trouble- as I'm relatively new to this forum, and wanna play it safe over here since this forum has already saved my @$$ countless times!!! You just gotta be brave on the chinese websites! (Google translate helps a little) Just click on the green downward-pointing arrow located next to the file name in each link, and the rest is gravy train.
  9. mai8ko

    mai8ko Well-Known Member

    Oh, and qandres12- I'm sure you already know of this, if not already utilizing this (but just thought I'd extend the gesture-since you've already helped me a buncha times): link2sd is awesome!! It's well-worth going through the partitioning process to free up a truck load of memory on the phone. Like I said, I'm sure you know this and are already utilizing it, but I thought it was a huge help. Maybe it'll help another newbie!;)
  10. roostertop

    roostertop Member

    I have the fp11cwm.zip but you need to root your admire and install clock work mod. When an if you do, come on over to all things root an make a post asking for it ill post the link there :)
  11. JCFinsCanes

    JCFinsCanes Member

    I have a question about this. Isn't there an issue with the Admire not being able to handle Adobe Flash? For those that have successfully installed it, is there any performance issues?
  12. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    It works, fine
  13. mai8ko

    mai8ko Well-Known Member

    It's a root file explorer- it's needed to replace the lib file. I've heard of other root file explorers, but root explorer has never let me down. Registration is not a big deal, but if you're really against it: last I checked, root explorer is in the market.
  14. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    guys root explorer is a paid app, do you realize you are openly talking about pirating it

    edit: you might want to consider this one, if you cant get root explorer through legitimate means. this is 100% legit and the app developer is okay with it seeing how he himself made the post on getting the full app for free from the free app
  15. octaviadavis

    octaviadavis Member

    thanks guys, I'll just register and get the file, no big deal. Just wondering if there was another way is all. Thanks for responding :)

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