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  1. neelnnish

    neelnnish Member

    Hello friends..

    I have installed Adobe flash player on my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos without rooting the phone.

    Its working fine..

    Procedure is very simple and as follows:
    1. If you have UC browser already installed on phone then please uninstall.
    2. Download adobe flash player 11 v11.0.1.153 armv6.apk file to computer first (Search on google with file name).
    3. Download latest UCBrowser-V8.4.0.148-352-12042409.apk file to computer.
    4. Now go to Menu-My Files (on phone)
    5. Check if you have a folder named "flash" If not create it.
    6. Move the downloaded apk files from computer to flash folder. Disconnect the phone from computer.
    7. Now go to Menu-My Files-flash on phone and install Adobe Flash Player first.
    8. Then install UCBroser.
    9. Reboot the phone & check the results on Wifi or 3G network.

    It should work.

    I have downloaded an application called MX player on Google market which plays almost all types of video formats including mpg. Good for internet videos.

    Bye Friends..

  2. Tan3189

    Tan3189 Well-Known Member

    How to check on UC Browser??????
  3. Tan3189

    Tan3189 Well-Known Member

    Dude man i followed your steps when i checked my flash player version in uc browser it showed me 10.3 version.What is the problem??
  4. neelnnish

    neelnnish Member

    Nothing Wrong. My version is 10.3.185
    It means Flash player is installed on your phone.
  5. neelnnish

    neelnnish Member

  6. Tan3189

    Tan3189 Well-Known Member

    ..i want fp 11
  7. Tan3189

    Tan3189 Well-Known Member

    But i want flash player 11
  8. neelnnish

    neelnnish Member

    Go to Menu-Task Manager-Downloaded

    On my mobile it is showing Adobe Flash Player 11.Please check yours.
  9. Tan3189

    Tan3189 Well-Known Member

    Arre ha wen u check in the task manager it shows flash player 11 but wen you'll check it in UC Browser from "whatismyflashplayer.com" it shows 10.3 so why this is happening???

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