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  1. DROZ

    DROZ Well-Known Member

    When using the chrome beta, whenever I try to watch a flash video, it says that I have not downloaded the flash player plugin. I have the latest version of flash player and it works fine on the default browser. Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. nemonicx

    nemonicx Member

    Chrome beta does not currently support flash.
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  3. Giltron2000

    Giltron2000 New Member

    I have the same problem and chrom is not in beta anymore. Google really needs to fix this problem.
  4. janner43

    janner43 Member

    They have...:)
    Chrome does not now & never will support flash on android
    Jelly Bean does not support new installations of Flash & Chrome is the stock browser on JB
    Adobe & Android are no,longer supporting Flash from JB onwards

    Flash is effectively dead in the water & will be superceded by HTML5
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  5. tomatto

    tomatto New Member

    This is KILLING US! We aren't techies and bought a Tab 2 specifically so my partner could show off her site design work (in flash) to clients.

    Now apparently that is not possible - there must be some form of cheat around this right? Old versions of chrome or something??

    Severely unimpressed with this as we had asked several sellers whether the Tab 2 would support flash player before making the purchase. Now we are in another country and can't return it.

    Can someone here help us out please??

    Thanks, Matt
  6. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

  7. Janet55

    Janet55 Active Member

    I think the aneesoft video converter I got can deal with this problem for me easily, but the tips on how to watch them with Firefox directly also make sense., thanks.
  8. bill_in_mtl

    bill_in_mtl Active Member

    I am using boat browser (available free on play store) with JB, and once the settings for flash were changed to always on - have been streaming flash sites, etc without issue

    I basically installed boat browser - then flash, changed the settings, and viola

    Hopefully this helps someone
  9. maggotspawn

    maggotspawn Member

    I use the Ninesky browser. No problems with flash.
  10. tomatto

    tomatto New Member

    Thanks all

    We ended up finding a link in the forums here to a method of manually installing flash and that worked well.

  11. babyfal

    babyfal New Member

    Repost from earlier thread hope this helps....

    I did it and I'm no expert...

    You can imagine how upset i also was when i just bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and it didnt have Flash Player which is one of the main reasons why i bought it over ipad. I saw red. Then into google searches..after many many days and hours of frustration, almost giving up, and then SUCCESS! If i can do this so can you... I'm spelling it out below in simple terms...which is basically what everyone else here is saying...

    1. Make sure you select in your Setting, under Security..'unknown sources'
    2. Then ensure you insert a MICROSD card in the slot at the top of ur tab. I used a 1 GB...helps if its not full if you take it from another device.
    3. Then....Click on this link below which is the apk file of flash player....and save it to the 'sdcard' and not the extsdcard...samsung have a weird way of naming different memory

    4. On the right hand bottom of ur Samsung Tab screen click onto the file once downloaded (where the battery symbol is ..click it).
    5. It will ask you to install it....youre in business! (just make sure its saved on the sdcard)

    If you want to check that Flash Player is installed..go to Settings, Applications, Running.... it should be there :)

    Ps you dont need any fancy browsers...i just used the standard one which came with the tab. Sorry couldnt post the link as im a newbie...but u can find it in other posts in this forum..like 'flash for samsung tab 2'..in search
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  12. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47261719/Flash Player 11 1 115 12.apk

    this one worked on my standard android browser...

    the only reason its not pre-installed on the tab is that adobe has stopped support for 4.0 and above devices and removed it from play store.

    tab 2 still supports it but Samsung has left the option for the users to install it as flash player is a thing of the past.

    google chrome for android doesn't support it so don't bother to try it out on chrome.
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  13. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

    This issue with Flash Player have been resolved sometime ago, please take a look at this post
  14. bhong54321

    bhong54321 New Member

    You may download UCBROWSERHD it can play fash videos from youtube... i use it on my GALAXY TAB 2.0
  15. bhong54321

    bhong54321 New Member

    You may download UCBROWSERHD it can play flash videos from youtube... i use it on my GALAXY TAB 2.0
  16. Jesl4n

    Jesl4n Member

    ur right.... FALSH NO MORE SUPPORTED...i have ICS latest version and flash aint workin . :(
  17. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Flash can still be side loaded in most cases. You just have to find a browser that works with it.

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