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  1. finlandia93

    finlandia93 New Member

    I'm wondering if it is possible to install Adobe Flash player on Galaxy Xcover, and if it is, will it run properly?

    I'd like to get an answer to this question before I consider buying this phone model.

  2. Csycsa

    Csycsa Member


    I could install Flash player on my own Xcover from Android Market and it's working properly.I can watch youtube videos within the internet browser.
  3. orp0piru

    orp0piru New Member

    That proves nothing. Youtube doesn't use the full capabilities of flash, so it is very common in cheap phones to have a built-in app that is barely capable of showing the videos on youtube - but that's about it. No hope in playing complicated games based on flash or watching streamed TV at livestation dot com
  4. nebbia88

    nebbia88 New Member

    installed flash player and dolphin browser from market, all flash sites are playing, but for example livestation video is not smooth, i think the cpu is a little underpowered for those streamings.. normal videos from many sites (not HD) are ok!

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