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  1. sahmBev

    sahmBev Member

    There have been a couple of times I wanted to view or hear things on my phone, but have been unable to. One was viewing my dad's house that listed while we were on vacation (I'm selling it, so I wanted to see how it looked). Most recently, a local radio station has FINALLY gone streaming and I want, no need, to listen to it via my phone (it doesn't come in on the radios very well, and my car's radio's speakers suck (my dad, who said he's not deaf, blew out the speakers in the car, which I inherited). When I go to the station's website and click on "listen live", it tells me that I need a Flash plug-in. When I click to get that, it says something like it's not supported on my phone.

    What am I supposed to do??


  2. bungiephantom

    bungiephantom New Member

    Sorry dude the LG ally is incompatible with flash, in other words you can't listen to the radio stream on this particular model

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