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  1. AtrixHD

    AtrixHD Member

    Can I get flash player for my new Atrix HD? I seen something where it says its no longer supported.

  2. techguy21

    techguy21 Member

    It's still in the Market, so get it while you can because Adobe is retiring it in a month or two. They say they won't support past Android 4.0.x.

    I'd also suggest keeping a backup around if you can back it up with Titanium on another device (or the Atrix HD when it's rooted).
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  3. gogators

    gogators Active Member

    Nope device won't support it
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  4. techguy21

    techguy21 Member

    Works for me. Installed from the Market and plays Flash in Dolphin browser.

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  5. AtrixHD

    AtrixHD Member

    ok thanks i installed the dolphin browser and it works.

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