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Flash ROM without losing everything?

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  1. Blueback

    Blueback New Member

    So here's the deal: My Captivate was given to my as a company phone, but I have been told that they dont care what I do with it outside of 1 app, Good for Enterprise. (FOr those who dont know, this is an app that allows secure access to my company email and calendar. It requires the server admin to send me an invite with a PIN to register my device on the system before I can completely load it.)

    I have already rooted the phone, but I would like to flash my ROM to get Froyo and maybe some additional features. Is there a way to flash my ROM without losing my apps? I know Google will redownload everything to my phone, but I think this would force me to completely re-setup my Good for Enterprise which I dont want to do.


  2. peachpuff

    peachpuff Well-Known Member

    All roms wipe your apps, you can try backing it up with titanium backup though.
  3. viny2cool

    viny2cool Well-Known Member

    so i tested this thing on my phone. I had flashed Cog2.3be...I made a backup with Rom manager. I flashed it to stock rom usinng 1 click Odin. I wanted to try perception build 5 but it didnt work i dont know why but anyways i flashed cog again and then downloaded rom manager, restored my back up taken by rom manager and i was back with all my apps and user data.

    i am not sure what i didnt do while flashing, becoz while flashing new rom it just clear my cache and stuff i always have my data on sd card as it is.
  4. Blueback

    Blueback New Member

    So here is what I learned...

    I did a backup using Titanium and updated to Froyo by flasing my ROM. Titanium did a pretty good job of bringing everything back to me including Good for Enterprise. The only problem I face is that Good is not able to send or receive any emails now. I will have to contact our IT department and request a new connection key to be sent my way.

    Moral to the story... If you are running Good for Enterprise and you flash, be prepared to have to re-setup Good.

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