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  1. mrjimbo

    mrjimbo New Member

    My USB port is dead. I used to be able to connect to my laptop via the USB cable by giving it firm pressure at different angles. But, now it does not work at all. Luckily, I was able to root my Samsung Moment and flash a rom and kernel before the USB port totally stopped connecting.

    However, I would like to re-flash my phone with different roms and kernels. Can I be able to still do this without using the USB cable?

    My rooted phone has:
    Android version - 2.2.2
    Baseband version - S:M900.8.0S.DJ07
    Kernel version -
    Build Number - CrapKernel_2.2

  2. mrjimbo

    mrjimbo New Member


    Seriously, every rooting and flashing guide I read always begins connecting the Samsung Moment to the computer and using the updater to flash the current stock versions.

    My phone has already been rooted but the USB connector port does not work.

    Can I still flash different ROMS and kernels from my mini-SD card on the phone and without using the USB cable connected to my computer?

    I really don't want to brick my phone if the USB cable method is the only way to un-brick it.

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