flash sense over my omgb or other gb rom? dumb question?

  1. zmcgee8

    zmcgee8 Member

    is there any way to run sense with my gb rom.... so far i've tried omfgb, evervolv, and fuzion.... if i have sense combined with one of these it could be sweet...maybe.. lemme kno please... i'm kinda new to the game.... making a decision if i wanna keep this iphone or this incredible..

  2. Calikid1975

    Calikid1975 Active Member

    If I remember Correctly SkyRaider-Athena is a hybrid GB/Sense Rom I tried it and liked it downside is I think I read on here somewhere that the dev is taking a break from workin on it :(
  3. sail4fun201

    sail4fun201 Well-Known Member

    Incorrect, it's a senseless rom, which means it still ahs sense, but most of it is stripped out. Its a combination of Cyanogenmod 6.1 (Froyo) and teh parts of sense that everyone likes, like the contacts.

    OP, you can't run Sense on gingerbread yet; we need HTC to build it for a 2.3 phone and release the source before this is even a possibility

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