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flash stream not working on galaxy ySupport

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  1. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    i have already installed adobe flash player but it not worked on the galaxy y .I have not rooted phone. It not working on any browser operra,dolphin . Does it need 3g speed.Help.

  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Not at all.
    Its because ARMv6 processor.
    Flash requires ARMv7.
    However cool.Gautam have managed to make flash work on a70 with ARMv6 processor
  3. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    By combining two custom roms it started working.
    We actually don't know what is the reason behind it.
    We are making a research in order to trace the file which makes flash to work.
    As soon as we get the reason I will post about that here and try to make it work on galaxy y.
  5. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    thanks waiting
  6. chejetikoti

    chejetikoti Member

    sir when you get that plz inform me sir my email chejetikoti@gmail.com .
  7. kcpareek

    kcpareek Member

    IF WANT FLASH PLAY U PLEASE INSTALL U BROWSER BETA 3 ( UCBrowser_8.0.6.117_B3_(Build11112117)_Patch.apk ) ALONG WITH FLASH PLUGIN (WtAmsFsLite_V1.1.2.0_Android_www.mannuforall.in.upp ) AND INJOY FLASH CONTENTS ITS WORKING FINE .
  8. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

  9. ravi1438787

    ravi1438787 New Member

    I try flash player 11 and 10.2 too but nothing happen. wat we do.? pls help ASAP
  10. ravi1438787

    ravi1438787 New Member

    there is no uc browser support for samsung galaxy y

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