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  1. Luke227

    Luke227 New Member


    I have a HP Touchpad running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However when trying to use BBC iPlayer the audio plays fine but with no video play back.

    Apart from using Opera with desktop settings enabled, are you aware of anyways of fixing this? I have tried going to the Flash website along with looking on the Google Store.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Go into settings... about and see what the build date is for your TP. If it's old, you might want to update it. If it's older than 2 months, you should consider upgrading to the latest CM9 nightly.

    Flash support has been dropped for a lot of Android devices since everyone's supposed to be using html5 instead. Some have recommended changing the browser agent string in your web browser to report it as an iPad to force html5, but obviously that won't work for everything. I don't use your app, but see the ratings are mediocre at best.

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