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  1. italygrl1

    italygrl1 Well-Known Member

    Is there anyone here that knows if the samsung moment is gonna support flash with the 2.1 android update? Or is it coming sometime in the near future?

  2. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    Never gonna happen. Thank god. I'd prefer not to see flash ads everywhere.
  3. zcarman

    zcarman Well-Known Member

    The processor won't support it. Samsung and Adobe have both confirmed this. 1Ghz and over sounds like the cut point in Android.
  4. kalel3038

    kalel3038 Active Member

    why doesnt the processor support and where is the proof.??
  5. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    The question is, do we really need flash?

    - Ads, ads, ads (DO NOT WANT!)
    - Security holes galore
    - Video sites that aren't YouTube
    - Crappy flash games
    - Ads
    - Did I mention security holes?
  6. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    Pretty much for the resounding cry of "HULU"
    But other than that...:confused:
  7. agent0014

    agent0014 Well-Known Member

    xtube... don't forget xtube :p
  8. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    All Hulu needs to do is create an app that uses HTML5 video and H.264 playback. Both are already supported in Android - that's how we use the YouTube app. With the app they would be able to get the statistics they need for commercials, playback problems, etc. that Flash provides for them.

    Think about this - say you're browsing the webberbuttz on your phone and suddenly, everything slows down to super slow, Matrix-esque slowmo. That's what browsing the web would be like if Android had Flash support. Flash ads bogging down load times, flash website components bogging stuff down, etc. You know that sometimes glitch where you end up scrolling the whole page? Imagine that -every time-. Yeah...
  9. pdx77

    pdx77 Well-Known Member

  10. zcarman

    zcarman Well-Known Member

  11. pdx77

    pdx77 Well-Known Member

    Frankly, I never trust what Adobe says when it comes to flash,

    They claimed flash 10 was coming to windows mobile a long time ago, and just recently announced they aren't going to release it at all.. same with as you pointed out (to the post above mine) with android devices.
  12. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    What about a lite version of flash as seen on the hero?
  13. ramiss

    ramiss Well-Known Member

    Ok fine, so Flash 10 is too bloated to run on mobile devices. So hey Adobe...Can we get Flash 9?? for crying out loud. That DOES run on Windows Mobile!
  14. zcarman

    zcarman Well-Known Member

    Actually, Flash 7 was the last official release for Windows Mobile (now there's a pissing match about Adobe making a Flash Player for WinPhone 7...) and the problem is that the devices have too little RAM to make it run well. Most of the devices that are slated to run Flash 10 are running 512MB plus in RAM with a 1Ghz processor or better.

    Just have to wait till next upgrade to play Farmville I guess...
  15. htcman724

    htcman724 Well-Known Member

    the cut point is not 1 ghz the reason we will not be getting flash is the processor.

    According to Adobe, an Android device must have both Android 2.1 and an ARM v7 (Cortex) processor which includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon and the TI OMAP3 processors. Currently the only phone to meet these requirements is the Nexus One, the Droid will join it shortly after it receives the 2.1 OTA.
  16. hall640

    hall640 Member

    So does anyone know when it will be available to download? I have the droid running 2.1. Thanks for any information. I can't even run my kids videos off the internet without it, ugh!
  17. cosine83

    cosine83 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere between the time of "soon" and "never".

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