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  1. SteveKnows

    SteveKnows New Member

    I have the samsung epic. Running froyo and have downloaded adobe flah 10.3. The flash doesn't work. Is there something I need to do? For example I go to bravotv.com and it comes up that I need flash to access the websight and gives me a link to the flash player..if I click the link it brings meto the android marketplace an tells me I have it. Am I doing something wrong? I am supposed to be able to play flash video from webste right?

  2. james develper

    james develper New Member

    if you don't install the adobe flash player on your android device then you can't access the some specific content
    download and install the latest version. then you access that content. just follow the apk installing process.
    Adobe flash player Apk free download for android

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