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Flashable OTA Update, Flashable Vanilla Lock Screen and more... (Browse All)

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  1. AtariBorn

    AtariBorn Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 22, 2010
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    Look, I know alot of you already know about this, but I had a tough time finding it myself and figured I would help anyone else out if I could.


    1. I followed the link. Files I'm referrring to are under "Other stuff:"
    2. Downloaded the "JH7 zip file OTA Stock" (which never worked for me as an OTA update) to my SDCARD.
    3. Created a nandroid backup.
    4. Disabled One Click Lag Fix.
    5. Flashed the "JH7 zip file OTA Stock" from recovery menu.

    The phone booted up almost stock with the update, has root/superuser but I had to enable non-market apps again, just like the first time I rooted. Also had to setup my accounts again...and apps.

    Then I downloaded the "Stock Lock Screen" the same way and flashed the zip from recovery menu.

    I was using the stock Captivate ROM - rooted and using One Click Lag Fix before, now I am using the updated JH7 ROM - rooted with re-applied One Click Lag Fix, and running the "vanilla" lock screen (screenshot below) rather than a glitchy Lockbot alternative.

    Hope someone can get something out of this.


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  2. Stillmatic

    Stillmatic New Member

    Aug 9, 2010
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    Thanks for the effort. Will give it a shot...Seems like this or Kies are the only two ways I could update mine coz OTA doesn't work for me...

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