Flashed my phone to Cricket and now limited on my texts! Would like to root on 621...please help!Support

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  1. shrekdroid

    shrekdroid Active Member

    Hi. I went to Cricket store with my Verizon DroidX and paid $15 to connect this phone to an already existing line and also had it flashed instore.

    Since then after I text more than a couple lines of texts I start having multiple problems. First, it alerts me on my phone that it is not sent. I try to re-send to no avail.

    Secondly, supposedly it jumbles up my texts to weird symbols to whoever I am sending it to after approximately two text lines. Anything before it seems to send just fine.

    I was hoping I could root my phone and hope that it solves the problem and also want to get tethering so that I can use the internet on my laptop off of my phone.

    Thanks for anyone that can help!

  2. shrekdroid

    shrekdroid Active Member

    Anybody have any clue to how to solve my phone issue or can direct me to find the knowledge? Please and thank you...
  3. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    Maybe try to find some stuff on the xda forum; that is THE place for rooting/flashing info.

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