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Flashed Stock ROM with CWM, stuck on Android 'green machine' logo!Support

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  1. Androider86

    Androider86 New Member

    Please Help,

    I have just flashed my Orange San Francisco/ZTE Blade with it's stock ROM *Orange San Francisco Stock B20 ROM* and now it just gets stuck at the Android logo screen.

    I can't boot into the OS or CWM no matter how many times I try pressing VOL+ & Power buttons.

    Is my phone bricked or is there any way I can repair it? Please help, any info would be really appreciated :)

    Edit: before flashing the stock ROM, I was rooted, converted Gen1 to Gen2 and using Swedish Snow RLS7 which is the only ROM I tried.

  2. kieran1985

    kieran1985 New Member

    i've had a similar issue. pretty much identical really. want to put stock rom on it so i can return it, as the in-call speaker has developed a fault

    thought i'd bricked it when i couldn't get into clockworkmod, but then i found [Guide] de-bricking a ZTE Blade - ZTE Blade / Libra ROMs & ROM customisation - MoDaCo.

    i used method 2, and this let me get back into clockworkmod. from there i restored my backup.

    still haven't managed to install a stock rom though. can anyone help me with that?

    EDIT - by the way it's volume down when you turn on the phone to get into CWM.
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  3. Androider86

    Androider86 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Kieran, I found the exact same guide yesterday just after I'd posted this thread. I had to use step 5 because my phone was literally bricked, but, that guide walked me through... Step by step and I understood all of it. Thanks for taking the time and posting the guide on here!

    I thought I'd return the favor and get you a guide here http://www.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/ on how to flash Stock ROM onto your ZTE Blade (I'm assuming that is the phone you have) and I hope this guide helps you my friend.
  4. galealuke

    galealuke New Member

    Dear androider86
    i seemed to have the same problem as you and i found the guide that you used, and used method 5. i seem to be following ok till the part where the phone boots on FTM mode, but after editing the IMEI (im not sure if im doing it correctly i never used HXD before), the phone is not booting into clockwork mod. since the method worked for you maybe you can help me outh with what i maybe doing wrong :/ thanks in advance
  5. MickR

    MickR New Member

    Does anybody have a link to a copy of an Orange UK stock rom to download? I had a backup on my hard drive but the hard drive failed and the file was lost. I've found plenty of links but thay're all old and I can't find one that works.

    Thanks in advance.

    My phone is a Gen 1 with the TFT screen
  6. Androider86

    Androider86 New Member

    Sorry for the late reply Mick, I have posted a link here >>> [ROM] ZTE Blade Stock ROMs - ZTE Blade / Libra ROMs & ROM customisation - MoDaCo <<< for Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) ROMs but you'll have to choose the correct one depending on your phone type.

    Also, you can't just flash a stock ROM unless it's the correct one other wise you will have to de-brick your phone using the guide provided and it's a long process if you don't know what you're doing.

    Anyways, good luck with these ROMs and I hope it works for you :)
  7. MickR

    MickR New Member

    Thanks for your help.

    My digitiser isn't 100% so I've ordered a replacement and have now to decide whether to go back to the stock ROM and try to get Orange to replace an 18 month old phone or replace the digitiser.

    I think even though the phone is older than a normal guarantee is valid for, I might try to get them under the Sale of Goods Act as so many people are having problems. It must be a manufacturing problem and they provided the phone on a 24 month contract.

    As for the ROM, I feel OK getting it working as I
  8. Androider86

    Androider86 New Member

    Good luck with that Mick, I've just ordered a digitiser and replacement battery cover. One other thing I wanted to ask is, can you you recommend any stable, fast and safe ROMs? I don't mind what version of Android.

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