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  1. ih8gates

    ih8gates New Member

    I have a Verizon Nexus One. Last month, I rooted and flashed for the first time when the Jelly Bean version for Vzw leaked.

    This week, I decided to try Cyanogen (nightly). I ran a backup of my apps using Wug's toolkit, wiped and flashed, then restored my apps.

    I noticed that several of my apps didn't return when I restored. I'm wondering if this is normal. When I want to update CM with a more-current version, will I have to re-install/re-configure some of my apps again?

    Or did I do something wrong? Thanks from a newbie to flashing.

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi Ih8gates and welcome to the forums! :)

    Are you saying you put CM on your Nexus One, or you experimented on your Nexus One and you put CM on your Galaxy Nexus? I just want to make sure you're in the right place, here...

    As far as your question goes, Play restoration of apps is kind of hit-or-miss with Jelly Bean so far. Some people haven't had a single issue... others haven't had a single app restore. It's a good idea to make a list of your apps and verify you got them all, manually downloading the ones you have to.

    I hope this helps a little bit :eek:

    P.S. - As a "crackflasher", I don't even use Play restoration. I restore all apps and app data with Titanium Backup Pro. It will batch backup all apps, data, and system data. Once on the new ROM and before signing in to Google, I will restore everything.,, including some - I repeat, SOME - system data such as SMS/MMS, call log, alarms, bluetooth and wifi connections.*

    I find that Titanium Backup (TiBU for short) is worth far more than the cost.

    *(Remember that restoring anything in red might cause software conflicts with the new ROM, and not to restore those.)
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  3. ih8gates

    ih8gates New Member

    Yes - I meant Galaxy Nexus (although I did own a Nexus One).

    So, if I use TiBU, I can expect it to restore all of my (non "red") apps?

    Do I need to wipe the phone each time I update a new version of the same ROM? It seems like I lost WiFi passwords and some other system stuff.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    yes each time you flash a new rom you'll have to restore your missing apps again with TiBu

    Sometimes tho on certain apps i don't restore data. Like Facebook and twitter. I just re-add those accounts. Mainly the ones i restore data on are things like Games obviously and LIghtflow things like that.

    yes you need to wipe in between flashing roms But some people are ok with dirty flashing in between nightlies and not wiping. I'm a habitual wiper tho so i wipe everything except the SD obviously. It won't store wifi passwords. I have my wifi password stored in my dropbox acct. so i do this.

    flash new rom
    sign in with google
    re download TiBu
    restore all missing apps
    sign into Dropbox and grab my wifi password.
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  5. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    TiBU actually has a feature in the menu allowing you to create an "update.zip" that flashes in Recovery and installs TiBU in your app drawer without signing into Play. Because I haven't signed in yet, there is no race between TiBU and Play to restore my apps. Caveat is that you can't flash that WITH the ROM & Gapps:

    Backup app & system data in TiBU
    Reboot Recovery
    Make a nandroid backup!
    Wipe everything (or flash SuperWipe)
    Flash ROM
    Flash Gapps
    Reboot system
    Do NOT sign in to Google
    Let everything stablize
    Reboot Recovery
    Flash Tibu.zip
    Reboot system
    Restore apps & data, and VERY SELECT system data elements
    Reboot system
    THEN sign into Google

    Works like a champ :)

    But anyway you do it that works is good. Making that backup, though, is important!
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  6. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    For a more in depth tutorial on getting the most out of TiBu, check out the link in my sig.

    Not at all. You do what is called a dirty flash, which means you flash a new rom version over the top of the current rom version (same rom of course).

    Dirty Flash (does not wipe data)
    Make nand backup
    Wipe Cache
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Flash rom
    Flash gapps

    Clean Flash (wipes all data. this is where TiBu comes in)
    Make nand backup
    Wipe data/factory reset
    Flash rom
    Flash gapps
    Flash TiBu zip
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