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  1. i love metal

    i love metal Active Member

    ok so my warenty is about to expire on my galaxy I7500 and i would like to use it to try and get a new galaxy S from orange.
    my phone is now runing 1.6 galaxo and i would like to flash it back to 1.5 as i got it from orange israel.
    can some one give me a link to an original w/e i need to do so.
    now say i do get a link can someone walk me through the whole thing cuz i got no idea how to do so. sonmeone said i need to use odin and i have no idea how to use it so plz help me with this. also should i format the SD card?

    if someone from israel sees this i would be more then happy if i could call you so you can help me.
    thank you very much and plz hurry it expiers on moonday

  2. i love metal

    i love metal Active Member

    so i downloaded a new firmware which is the real one and i have these files:
    and i have odin v3.95 what do i do now?
    when i press the ops i cant find any .OPS files what should i do?
  3. i love metal

    i love metal Active Member

    nvm guys i maneged to do it ty very much anyways you can lock this theard
  4. srdjav

    srdjav New Member

    Hey, can you provide me link with stock II5 and tell me how to go back to stock? :) Please :)

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