Flashing Between Themes/ROM's in .596?

  1. SLR 722

    SLR 722 Well-Known Member

    I am currently on the Watermark'd theme and would like to try other themes and ROM's. However, I read that some themes/ROM's require a clean install if another theme/ROM is already installed. I would like some clarification regarding what precautions to take before attempting to switch to different themes/ROM's.

    I heard that I should wipe data & cache, restore to stock rooted .596, then apply the theme or ROM. Is this the correct method? Or would I have to SBF, follow the steps to rooted .596, then apply?

    Also, when wiping data and cache and restoring, can I do both (in that order) while still in Clockwork Recovery?

  2. rehpyc

    rehpyc Well-Known Member

    Going between themes I always just flash the new theme and rarely have any issues. When going between ROMs, it's best to wipe both data and cache in the recovery menu.. doesn't matter in the order, and you can stay in recovery and install the new ROM immediately after.
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