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Support Flashing Gear Icon / Crashing Apps

  1. badassllama

    badassllama New Member

    About two or three weeks ago, I started getting a flashing icon in the corner of my screen every time I turn on the screen. It flashes a few times and then disappears. I've tried google for answers, but everybody else simply describes the REPLACEMENT of app icons. This is actually behind the app icons.

    It looks like a gear with a little blue circle in it. Unfortunately, I've started to notice my apps crashing too. I've looked through all of my apps several times and can't think of what it might be. The only thing I've installed recently is Juice Defender (life saver, if you've never tried it). Has anyone seen this? Any ideas?

    Thanks, in advance!

  2. hi-tech34

    hi-tech34 Active Member

    No, I haven't seen that but install an app called AD Network Detector and run it. it will show if any of your apps have any spyware or other potentially dangerous files installed in them and you can choose to delete those apps if you want and this way if you delete them one at a time you will see if that corrects your issue.

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