Flashing JB...can it be done now?

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    I had a rooted Bionic before I attempted to install the latest Jelly Bean update. I had to flash ICS and then do the OTA update. It worked, but I was no longer rooted. I was then a little quick to try to revert back to ICS by flashing it again using RSDLite to try to get root access back. This did not go well and I now know I made a mistake by attempting it. I now have to enter the Boot Mode Selection Menu just to power up the phone normally. Is there a fix for this? Can I use RSDLite to flash 98.72.22 back onto my unrooted phone to resolve this issue?

    If so, anyone have a link to the version 98.72.22 download?

    Thanks for any help

  2. OutOfPhase

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    Until they release the jb fxz I think your out of luck.
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    lol - Yeah, the JB OTA *and* FXZ are both available.

    However, the FXZ will wipe all of /system, rendering it unrootable.
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    Samuri has also mentioned something about a way thats been discovered to replace a security file allowing someone who hasn't upgraded to JB yet to use ICS's file for JB and thus allowing them to go back to ICS from JB.


    "So, thanks to timmy10shoes (one of my Bionic mentors), we have a new method for people to use to get to JB. All of you (including myself) who rushed to upgrade are going to kick your own @$$ now.
    Trust me. Using the cdt.bin from the 246 FXZ and using it to replace the cdt.bin from the 98.72.22 FXZ, you can then use the House of Bionic's FXZ Keep Data option to upgrade to JB. Big deal, says you...I'm already upgraded....so what....Ah the skeptics. The big deal, says I.....say you don't like JB or can't live without root. Fine....put the 246 FXZ back into the House of Bionic and downgrade away.
    "WAIT, WHAT??!! I heard, FROM YOU, that I'd brick my phone doing that!" Yes, YOU will...cause YOU took the update and didn't use this process. Therefore your security is updated. Using THIS method, however, the security is NOT updated and you can happily downgrade to your heart's content.
    I take NO responsibility for those that try this. This is a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and I will not provide ANY support for it whatsoever. But it has been confirmed to work so long as you follow the quite simple directions EXACTLY.

    A word of warning...those who took the JB update already, don't bother. You're screwed. You WILL brick."
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    I downloaded the link and gave it a try, either there is something now wrong with how this runs or it is operator error. Probably operator error, but I could not get it to respond. So I then tried the FXZ for 98.72.22 at this link on that same forum:
    Obsidian's for JB OTA /UPDATE/FXZ/RSD/ROMS/ROOT(wip)/Threads/Guides/SafeStrap/*** - Droid Bionic Development - DroidRzr.com

    But when I tried to flash this using RSD Lite, it got to step 5 out of 24 (I think) and failed. My phone seems to be doing fine, but has random error messages pop up from time to time...frustrating!

    Does anyone have a direct download for the 98.72.22 FXZ that they would be willing to share with me? A good working link for the correct file seems hard to come by.
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    I appreciate the help so far, but I have downloaded the file and it still fails on step 5. Here is the exact status message it gives me:
    Failed flashing process. 5/24 oem fb_mode_set -> Phone returned FAIL.

    Did I really mess things up trying to go from JB to ICS? Any ideas on how to get JB to flash now?

  8. OutOfPhase

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    Is your battery charged?

    Can you get your phone into fastboot manually and then run it again?
  9. PalsAndroid

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    Yup, I had the battery fully charged and tried to get to fastboot by pushing volume down and start button and also from the menu by pushing vol up, vol down, and start. Same error with both attempts. It is failing about the same spot I got the Flash Fail error when trying to revert back to ICS, so I am thinking the flash fail error needs to be cleared somehow. I saw that someone flashed an empty radio file for their RAZR to correct this, but have not seen anything on this relating to the Bionic yet. It seems as if it clears the flash fail error in the phones memory when an image is successfully flashed. I'm just not sure what the best method would be for the Bionic. Thoughts?
  10. doogald

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    Ok, here is something that you can try:

    - unzip the file that you downloaded to its own directory
    - there should be a file called cdma_targa_9.8.2O-72_VZW-22_cfc.xml. Edit that file in Notepad, or another plain text editor
    - delete the two lines that say:

    <step operation="oem" var="fb_mode_set" />


    <step operation="oem" var="fb_mode_clear" />

    and save the file
    - when you run RSD Lite, instead of navigating to the zip file, try navigating to the cdma_targa_9.8.2O-72_VZW-22_cfc.xml that you just saved.

    See if the flash operation completes without error.

    (References: Need help with flashing JB FXZ on Bionic - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com and **fix** Unknown Fastboot Command. (Oem); Phone Connected - Droid Razr Development [XT912] - DroidRzr.com )
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    If you need me to do what doogald suggested for you and post a link i will.
  12. PalsAndroid

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    Thank you so much, you guys are great!! This worked flawlessly and the phone seems completely back to normal on the latest update. Out of curiosity, the next time an ota update is pushed to the phone, should it install properly? Just curious since I had to modify the current fxz for it to flash correctly. Either way, I am happy with the outcome.

    Thanks again
  13. doogald

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    I think that you will be fine. Those two commands did not actually flash anything to the phone, and as long as there were no errors on any of the flashing commands, your phone should be stock. My understanding of OTA update errors is that they fail almost always because somebody has removed a file that is meant to be updated from the phone after rooting it.

    I also suspect that the Bionic will no longer receive any major OS updates. My guess is that there will be only a security update, if one is required. But, that's just my guess...
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    Alright, I have learned so much on this forum and received so much assistance, I decided to go Premium! I will probably get another Android phone this summer, as I am due for another one next month and will hold onto the Bionic as a backup for a while. I have learned a lot with the Bionic, but can't wait to start playing with something else :)
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    Congrats on becoming gold. Go check out the VIP area.

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