Flashing my HTC EVO 4G V :D

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  1. seekario

    seekario Member

    Hi guys, I seen all this flashing for the HTC evo and wanted to know more about it.
    I flashed my triumph back in the days lol
    Now with the Htc any big differences like in the triumph that was a Must do.
    Please let me know of what are the big cons and prons :D
    I also I heard something about a rom with beats sound :D
    Thanks for the time guys!

  2. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    It's all pro's dude, the only cons would be with folks that can't follow simple instructions. There are numerous roms that have Beats. Virgin has never seemed to care about returning rooted and romed devices so you don't have to worry about it being a warranty issue. The Triumph lasted just until I activated it, this phone made it almost a whole day before being rooted and s-offed. ;-)
  3. OctopusOptimus

    OctopusOptimus Well-Known Member

    The only way I would consider flashing is if a ROM came out with Jellybean or Sense 4.0. I think there's a Sense 4.0 ROM out somewhere, but it doesn't have 4G support, so its useless. I guess if someone lives in an area with no 4G it may be useful (though I'd wonder why they would buy this phone in that case) but for most of us, 4G is an important reason in having this phone, so I see no point in flashing to a 3G only ROM.
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Well it's still a pretty top notch phone for the money even if 4g is not available in your area, Sprint is selling a ton of 4g LTE Evo's even though very few people have that available in their area. I mean we paid this much for the Triumph without 4g and for once Sprint didn't treat us like the bastard step child, for the same money our Evo is way better than Boosts Evo Design.
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  5. Hollaback12786

    Hollaback12786 Well-Known Member

    U read my mind and saved me a bunch of typing lol I get 4G and it flies at 10-12 megs but I never use it cuz I'm always near WiFi, honestly I didn't get the evo because of 4g, i bought it because it's a beast ass phone and lightyears ahead of my intercept and triumph lol
  6. sanman1185

    sanman1185 Well-Known Member

    I still can't believe the selling point for this phone for ppl was the 4g. I got it due to the 1.2ghz processor, dual core, ICS, and 3d camera. I love taking 3d pics. My in laws that had the iPhone jaws dropped when they saw a phone take a 3d and video and actually see the 3d with out glasses or crossing their eyes. I love this phone, $300 + tax and that's what I also paid for the triumph. Shoot, I'm without a doubt a happy Evo V customer. Oh and the multi touch on here compared to any other virgin android blows them out the water.
  7. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    Flashing ROMs is pretty simple once you obtain an unlocked bootloader. We use the 4EXT recovery on here, where S-OFFing is not mandatory.
  8. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    4G is over rated..most towns that ppl live do not even have 4G available. no offense to anyone, but you would be a fool to buy a phone strictly because it is 4G capable..when i decide what phone to buy it comes down to hardware.. to say a Rom is useless because it doesn't have working 4G is probably top 5 dumb things i have read in a while..and does not belong in the development section
  9. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    If you live in an area with 4g, it can be a very important thing.

    Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions/priorities. Just because they may e different than what you pick doesn't make it wrong. For instance 3d is absolutely meaningless to me, but may important to others. And neither of us is wrong.
  10. johnny424

    johnny424 Well-Known Member

    while i agree 4G can be nice if you are fortunate enough to have it. My issue is saying anything negative about a Rom that is very much still under development.

    there are certain words that do not belong in the development section, useless being one of them
  11. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    I will flash any ROM that is even marginally better than stock--any why not? Better is...well, better! The small investment in time (small thanks to the how-to guide) is well worth it.

    I bought this Evo V because it is what I expected from the Triumph but didn't get.
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  12. seekario

    seekario Member

    O I see I actually get pretty good 4g signal from where I live :D
    Near San francisco :D
    So that'll be a huge con :S
    So there isnt a rom with 4G ?
  13. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    JMZ stock and ZR3DX ROMs have working 4G (I used it in another area); I don't know about the others as I've not used them.
  14. seekario

    seekario Member

    I'll look into those 2.
    Thanks ;D
  15. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I can confirm that ZR3DX has working 4g
  16. seekario

    seekario Member

  17. kagevazquez

    kagevazquez Well-Known Member

    I love the 4g feature it's absolutely awesome I normally get 12 mbps outside and 6-8 inside (I mostly use my 30mbps Wi-Fi tho)
    It says Biltmore but I'm in New York

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