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  1. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    I bough another OEM battery on ebay and now when i'm trying to charge it for the first time the notification light blinks red and green with an exclamation point through the battery. Then after a few seconds it goes back to solid red charging fine then does this again.

    The battery seems to be charging though..it went from 2% up now at 8%

    I recharged the battery which came with the phone many times and it's fine. Never had problems with it. So It cannot be the HTC charger going bad. Light is always solid red when charging.

    The battery and phone is not overheating. Battery temp is 27-29c. Phone feels cool to the touch. I tried to take out the battery, hold down the power button for a few seconds put the battery back up..same result.

    Did I get a defective battery?

  2. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    Now I noticed the battery from ebay the gold plates on the battery are not flush to the top of the battery, it's push down a bit.

    When I put the battery from the phone and turn over the phone the battery doesn't come out. When I put the battery from ebay and turn over the phone the battery comes out immediately.

    I'm thinking I received a defective battery and I did just contact the seller about this. ugh.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    You have to keep in mind that most of these batteries might not be an original -- even though the seller might say so.

    Batteries can get defective ... even an original. Hopefully things will work itself out. Unplug the charger - remove the battery for two minutes.

    Good luck.
  4. circleoflife

    circleoflife Well-Known Member

    The battery looks exactly the same with the HTC logo and goes in the same way as the battery with the phone. (I was reading reviews on amazon where some sellers were selling OEM batteries with the battery going in with the HTC logo upside down)

    The part numbers are the same. The only thing different is the serial number.

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