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Flashing Samsung Galaxy S on Orange..Support

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  1. _ray_

    _ray_ Member

    hi guys...
    i am wondering if any1 here has tried flashing their Samsung Galaxy S on orange network. I will be getting one next week and want to know that will i be able to flash the latest firmware from samsung on the fly or do i have to wait for orange to release their own custom firmware.
    also does the phone comes unlocked from orange ?

  2. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    I`m on Orange but got from CPW so was not locked not sure if you get direct from Orange store though, I flashed with the Froyo beta so no you dont HAVE to wait.
  3. _ray_

    _ray_ Member

    hey, thx for the reply..
    did u have to do any rooting before u flashed ?
    also have u noticed any lag after upgrading to newer version.. i will be getting it straight from orange as mine is an upgrade..
    btw what is your overall opinion about the phone u think its better then desire ?
  4. gerberman

    gerberman Well-Known Member

    Sorri I didn`t reply I forget where I post LOL, if it`s not too late....
    1. I didn`t have to root
    2. Froyo was to buggy so I went for JM5 and its a lot better than stock
    3.Froyo was still a little laggy but should be ok on official release
    I use JM5 with one click lag fix and it now has zero lag
    I was going to go for the Desire but after a lot of reading up and with the fast Processor, video chip and super amoled screen I went for GS, i did like the interface on the Desire though but I used a few widgets and it looks similar now.
    It`s the best phone I`ve had and I`m still playing with it after a month

    Good luck whatever you get (have got)

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