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Flashing SBF on a unlocked phone

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  1. cafric

    cafric Member


    I got my pro from ebay it came unlocked and rooted, but now I can't get latest updates to install. I want to flash with stock SBF (I have all info and files for that ) but only doubt is. will the phone be locked to Verizon after the flash or will the phone remain unlocked ( I am using it in Switzerland ) ?

    Any help on this appreciated.

  2. cafric

    cafric Member

    Well anyway phone unusable due to the reboots even during calls. So I did the flash and its still usable on GSM network (Switzerland).

    Not reboot since, even after usage of Good For Enterprise which normally would mean a reboot the instant I leave GFE alone for 2min. Hope it stay this way.... Damn just rebooted while I typed this :mad::mad:
  3. cafric

    cafric Member

    Installed to OTA updates, and now my pro is up and running since 18h a record :D
  4. cafric

    cafric Member

    unbelievable 42h up and no reboot.
  5. mikeexstent

    mikeexstent New Member

    Hi I also have a unlocked Droid Pro in Switzerland. I need to load new ROM as my radio only works with 2G. The only available ROM 2.26.2 wont load. Where did you get your SFB file from? Thanks!
  6. cafric

    cafric Member

    Sorry I did not log into this forum for a long time.

    I got my SBF file from links in this post :

    Droid Pro SBF File (2.26.20) Full and RSDLite

    You need to register to get the link. Also get RDSLite (search on Google).

    Once it's loaded, you will receive the updates through OTA. By the way since I flashed and got all latest official updates I have not experienced more than 2-3 reboot since August and only when in charge.

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