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  1. LukeLaney

    LukeLaney New Member

    I had my phone charging while it was on and using it. It powered it self down and now wont restart. i tried charging the battery and when its connected to the wall the four dedicated buttons flash. i took out battery and allowed phone/battery to cool then tried to restart, with same results. I had tried different outlets throughout house. also plugged it into the PC to see if it would start charging but no go. Any ideas before i got to the repair store tomorrow?

  2. LukeLaney

    LukeLaney New Member

    right after posting the above thread, i thought i would try to see if phone would work. I plugged the charger into phone, the 4 buttons started to flash...after they flashed for a few seconds they phone went into charging mode. Once in charging mode i turned it on and phone started right up. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with phone!!!!!:D:):D:):D:thumb:
  3. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    I've had same issue, as well as major overheating, to the point where i get errors notifying me that the unit has overheated and will power down, and to please replace the usb charger. The flashing i believe has something to do w/ the overheat protection...OR it is shown when battery is completely drained to the point where it won't even power on until you get a few mA's to it..
  4. nakmario

    nakmario Member

    When the battery is completely dead, the buttons are designed to flash to let you know that it's charging. Once it has enough charge to turn on the LCD, the animation will appear whenever you quickly press the power key.

    it's normal :)

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