Flashing update.zip with HTC_IME_MOD on defrost.

  1. Mattmann

    Mattmann Active Member


    What I

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer


    Don't flash it.

    Firstly, remove both htc ime hi22 and clicker.apk from defrost rom's zip file and reflash it.

    Then install your version of htc ime and clicker.apk as any other app. That way ots always in data.

    Of course you will have to get rid of defrost version every time you install the next version of the rom, but unless you data wipe your version will always be in data.

    I delete it using astro the reflash. Or i used to until I got s-off
  3. Mattmann

    Mattmann Active Member

    Thanks for the reply, Dan.

    I do this every time I flash a new Rom, and I just install it do data so I can change themes on the go, however, I wanted to release to the others running DeFroST... preferably in an update.zip and maybe even in DeFroST setup...

    Do you think its possible to do, as you say to remove clicker (i don't do this usually, is it needed?) is there a way to remove clicker from an unmodified DeFroST Rom?

    Shall I just give it to Richard to put into the Rom, or do people like the standard keyboard...
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    No idea matey. I use my own. Just slip it into his apps package with the clicker (yes its important.. settings) but they will probably still need to delete it themselves.

    You could just link them to an upload and they can take it or leave it
  5. Mattmann

    Mattmann Active Member

    I will keep trying, maybe ask richardtrip...

    Not everyone will want to delete and add before flashing...

    Cheers for your help though mate :)

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