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  1. seanjoe

    seanjoe Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I am having trouble finding a flashlight app that will use the cameras flash. I have tried a few with no luck so far. Does anyone know one that works on the ZTE Warp? Thanks.

  2. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    Best one so far is rootdim. You must be rooted to use it.
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  3. godraw

    godraw Well-Known Member

    Not to come off rude or anything but simply searching the Warp forum here would have turned up a few already well hashed threads.

    Consider the Search function in any forum an excellent self-help feature.

    Flashlight "Search" results in the Warp topic
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  4. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%....the mods don't care about spam topics or double posting etc which is odd because most forums are strict about spamming boards w topics posted over and over. On a side note u can use root tool box free or paid version
  5. seanjoe

    seanjoe Well-Known Member

    Will do
  6. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Yeap, we don't require searches. We think it's great if people do but we also understand that the search feature on this site, put simply, sucks. We also know and understand that a LOT of android users aren't going to be Forum Veterans. They've searched and found the forum and posted their question. The least we can do is answer their question at that point. :)

    Besides, if reposts were forbidden there probably wouldn't be much left to talk about at ALL in life. :p
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  7. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    So, here's the thing on searching and why we are ok with duplicate posts.

    First - most people need help finding answers and very well could have searched - but didn't know the search terms.

    But srsly - our search tool is terrible and is not often helpful.

    So, please do your best to encourage folks by pointing them to the answer rather than pointing them to search.

    We were all newbies once and anyone with the courage to say "I need help" in public deserves a warm welcome here, not other.
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  8. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't bashing a new guy....just pointing out how most forum policies are. I want to point that out in the event the OP thought I was coming off as rude because text can be interpreted many ways.
  9. rafgar1983

    rafgar1983 New Member

    Hey bro this app works perfect. Rootdim is the app I was looking for.

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