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  1. 661guy

    661guy Member

    hey guys i just upgraded from inspire to vivid and notice the vivid
    didnt came with a flashlight app, i really liked the one from the inspire
    i looked in the market place but it says i have root my phone so
    my question is can i get the same flashlight w/o rooting the phone?

  2. lostsoul1

    lostsoul1 Well-Known Member

    look in the market place.. I got the free one called flashlight
  3. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

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  4. Gary910

    Gary910 New Member

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  5. mac1679

    mac1679 Well-Known Member

    I use a widget called Power Control Plus. You can turn on the light with a single touch without having to open an app. I think there are other widgets that will do this but Power Control is just what I use.
  6. HowDoiUseAndro

    HowDoiUseAndro Well-Known Member

  7. kelnhofer

    kelnhofer Member

    I agree I also liked the flashlight app that came with my inspire. I think the question here is if we can get that EXACT app for our Vivid. I have my old inspire, can I BUMP or connect it and transfer the app?
  8. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    To install Flashlight app on HTC Vivid, just download and use a file manager like astro or es file explorer. I am sure you will need this app
    Then try this one?
    Official HTC Flashlight apk - xda-developers
    Or this one?
    Flashlight app for HTC Vivid download | new htc cell phones


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