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  1. Rogobono

    Rogobono Active Member

    Has any one found an LED flashlight app that works ? No luck here so far.

  2. IloveAndroid09

    IloveAndroid09 New Member

    Ive been looking around for one for a while too. Heard of this app called Droidlight. Anyone tried using it?
  3. Delvien

    Delvien Active Member

    I have tried, closes out and says "your device is not supported"
  4. deathtrap8675

    deathtrap8675 Well-Known Member

    While on noob V, hd led flashlight from the play market worked with occasional force closes, but I'm running shinjitsu now and it's not working anymore.
  5. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

  6. KidKelko

    KidKelko Member

    Yeah RoomDim works. I like it, they also have a great speaker boosting app which I love because the warp has crap for volume.
  7. mooseberry

    mooseberry Well-Known Member

    Hey kidkelko check around here in the thread there is a lot of tips to help with ur volume problem if ur still having trouble

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