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  1. pookeywookie

    pookeywookie Member

    on my plam pre i had a app where the light from the camera flash was the flash light can somebody make one for the hero on sprint

  2. I could create one for free and post it here for you, with a question below.

    What exact Android version does your Hero use?
  3. Notme

    Notme New Member

    do u think you can develop one for the Nexus 1 running 2.1 too?
  4. NeonXero

    NeonXero New Member

    I know that there a few flashlight apps on the market already, but maybe not for your version of Android. As kuzco said, what are you using?

    My Droid with 2.0 (and now 2.1) has one called Moto Torch LED that works great.
  5. NeonXero

    NeonXero New Member

    Double post :(
  6. jimmbomb

    jimmbomb Active Member

    Does any-1 know if there's one out for the Motorola Atrix on ATT..???
    Android 2.2 froyo?
    Thanks in advance to all those who reply. All replies are welcomed & encouraged.
    Thanks agian, jh

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