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flashplayer won't play videos on sony s tab(android 3.2)General

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  1. reza

    reza Active Member

    Hi guys,
    I got my sony s tab just a few hours ago, & it is my first exprince with android 3.2,(i had a android 2.2 phone for a few years), & the first problem I got is about flashplayer, flash games are working, but flash video contents (like putlocker,stagevu,... exept utube) are not working, any solution please? or flash support on 3.2 Is like how it was on 2.1&2.2 & practicaly Doesn't exsit (exept utube)& I have to give up watching movies on flash format on my tab?
    thanx for info,

  2. SCION

    SCION New Member

    I'm able to watch streaming videos on Amazon.com with no problems.
  3. aldroidiac

    aldroidiac Member

    Works fine on mine. No Hulu or Netflix....yet
  4. CheerfulLuke

    CheerfulLuke New Member

    There is now a Netflix app in the Android Market Place!

    Also, try the free version of the Skyfire browser (you don't need the paid addon since there is no data rate issues with Wifi, it would just be wasteing money). I've had a lot more luck with flash video with this app.
  5. Rdvp76

    Rdvp76 New Member

    I had a similar problem, couldn't watch flash vids, turned out it was a pop up blocker that was enabled. Turned that off and now get no probs. Worth checking that and your routers firewall.

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