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  1. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    note: this is a copy of what i`ve posted on XDA. just though it will be important to have this here too to help who isn`t xda member...

    Since some guys having trouble using flashtools and how to abuse it :p, this is a "HOW TO FOR N00BIES".

    This great tool was developed by Androxyde and Bin4ry at XDA.

    Please visit the main thread to search for news and firmware updates.

    With this tool you can:
    - Switch from/to android 1.6 and 2.1;
    - Get root access;
    - Clean unwanted apps;
    - Install your apps in just one click;
    - Install JIT;
    - Clean cache;
    - Install xRecovery;
    - Install Busybox;
    - Edit build.prop
    - and more to come;)

    Please, if this thread was usefull for you in some way just ckick on THANKS, RATE THIS THREAD on top and vote on POLL :).

    I`ve only tested this on X10 even so this should work on every X family. If you`ve tryed on other X family and been successfull please send me a PM with that information and a link to firmware so that i can update this thread. Thanks ;)

    Very soon will be some improvements on this tool. Please stay tunned on the main thread ;) (just to tease lol) Please don`t ask absolutly nothing about this. I just ignore.


    2nd Post - SE Firmware Files
    3rd Post - EASY WAY (*.ftf files)
    4th Post - HARD WAY (*.sin files)
    5th Post - How to root and more...
    6th Post - Apps that you can delete
    7th Post - Something was about to happen on next version LOL



    Flashtool from HERE



    Everyone from XDA
    and myself of course for making this :p


    Ricardo Rendeiro

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  2. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    Here you`ll find SE Firmwares to install through flashtools.

    note: all links will send you to dev post except the ones created by me;)

    X10(i) / (a) / SO-01B ftf files

    X10i Generic
    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.2.A.0.24
    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.A.0.504
    ADDED: X10i 2.1_2.0.2.A.0.24_GENERIC with DualTouch already in HERE just need to flash once ;)

    X10i Branded
    Bouygues Telecom version 2.1update1 build 2.0.A.0.504

    X10a Generic
    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.2.A.0.24
    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.A.0.504
    ADDED: X10a _2_1_A_0_435 with DualTouch already in for ALL apps HERE ;)

    X10(i) / (a) / SO-01B sin files

    X10i SHIPPED 2.1 ROM

    X10a SHIPPED 2.1 ROM


    X10 mini pro ftf files
    U20i Nordic
    U20i UK
    U20i Singapore
    U20i French
    U20i German
    U20i NL

    X10 mini ftf files
    E10i Nordic
    E10i UK
    E10i French
    E10i German

    allways updating...;)


    Ricardo Rendeiro
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  3. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member



    OPTION 1 - EASY WAY (*.ftf files)

    1. Install Flashtool :p

    2. Copy the *.ftf files that you `ve downloaded earlier to firmwares folder from Flashtool.


    3. Click "Flash" button from flashtool and select the *.ftf file firmware and click "OK"

    4. Relax and wait a while. When the proccess is completed you will get a popup message (don`t click on that!!!)

    1. a. Unplug your USB cable from PC
    2. b. Power off your phone
    3. c. Press back button and keep your finger on button
    4. d. Plug USB cable to PC
    5. e. Check if the green LED appear
    6. f. On popup message press "OK" button
    7. g. When "Found at USB/........" appear on flash tool you may release "back button", sit down, relax and wait.

    6. IF the "Start Flashing" message appear everything`s ok if not...repeat. Sitdown and relax (again :) )


    7. When last message appear unplug/plug USB cable

    8. Repeat steps 2 - 7 for MT

    9. DONNE :)


    Ricardo Rendeiro
  4. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member



    OPTION 2 - HARD WAY (*.sin files)

    1. Install Falshtool.exe
    2. Unzip your FW version
    3. Unzip Dualtouch
    4. Now, after install flashtool you will get this files


    5. Copy your FW and Dualtouch to firmwares folder


    6. (optional) Copy kernel.sin from Dualtouch foler to your FW forder and overight the existing one.

    - this step will install dualtouch on flash

    7. Open X10FlashTool.exe from Flashtool folder and go to Advanced > Bundle Creation


    8. Click on dots


    9. Choose the path to you FW and click "open"


    10. Put whatever you want on (1) select all files from left, click right arrow (2) and ok (3)


    11. Now wait a while and you will get your *.ftf file on firmwares folder

    - This is the file you`ll use to flash your phone. Now go up to STEP 1 on 2nd POST.


    Ricardo Rendeiro
  5. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member



    In this post i will explain and demonstrate how simple it is to play with our phones with this incredible tool provided by Androxyde and Bin4ry.

    To gain root acces it`s quite easy. Just have to do this:

    1. On your phone check "debbuging mode" on Setting > Applications > Development
    2. Plug you USB cable
    3. Open your flashtool and click on Root box
    4. Wait a few seconds and your phone will rebbot
    5. Voil
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  6. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member



    - Updated list of applications can be uninstalled;
    - Add "safelist.properties" file to test - ATENTION!!! All apps aboved will be deleted. You must have other dialer, message, contact list and home replacement (this one before run "clean").

    note: copy "safelist.properties" to FlashTool\custom\clean folder


    This is a list of all apps that i deleted from my phone without screw it up :)

    If you know more apps that can be deleted (without affecting your phone) please SHARE and i will upload that info here.

    Some apps need to be replaced by another ones. i.e. i`ve deleted phonebook. Of course if i won`t replace that app i can`t make calls :)

    HERE you can see what each app do


    TimescapeLargeUIThemeSakura, TimescapeLargeUIThemeGreen, EManual, HTCIme, Sync, OmaDatasyncService, MagicSmokeWallpapers, playnowback, backupandrestore, wisepilot, quadrapop, playnowclient, SemcCheckin, WallpaperChooser, SearchWidget, chinesetextinput, FaceRecognition, TimescapeLargeUIThemeIndigo, Calculator, TimescapeLargeUI, JapaneseIME, DigitalClockWidget, LiveWallpapersPicker, GlobalSearch, ServiceMenu, Conversations, HTCClicker, TimeScapeProvider, moxiermail, LearningClient, trackid, officesuite, playnowappinstaller, AlarmClock, Phonebook, MediascapePluginManager, SEMCSetupWizard, CrashSMS, LiveWallpapers, Gallery3D, TimescapePluginManager, SemcHomeL, RecentCalls, VisualizationWallpapers, LatinIME, mediascape, TimescapeLargeUIThemeBlue, SyncWizard, creatouch, facebook, PcCompanion, SEMCTouchPalKoreanQWERTY, usersupport.apk, EManualLauncher, TimescapeLargeUIThemeOrange, StatusSwitch, textinput-tng, touchnote


    After deleted all these apps and install others, after some tweaks on build.prop file, i`ve manage to get 870 on benchmark test :p


    Ricardo Rendeiro

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  7. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    reserved for future use???
  8. CuBz

    CuBz Well-Known Member

    This was very useful to me a couple of days ago on XDA

  9. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    Glad i could help there :) ;)
  10. mag1411

    mag1411 Member

    How do we know which ftf file to choose from?
  11. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    you`re the one who knows LOL

    last for X10i - X10i 2.1_2.0.2.A.0.24_GENERIC

    last X10a - X10a _2_1_A_0_435 with DualTouch

  12. mag1411

    mag1411 Member

    Thank you! This whole thing was really easy, and I was so scared that I would brick my phone but everything turned out great. Loving android 2.1. :)
  13. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

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  14. ashjnk2010

    ashjnk2010 Well-Known Member

    Just done this and its excellent. Also done the update for multi touch :)
    Now just to sort the phone back to what I want. Feels like a new phone :)
  15. Ondafly

    Ondafly New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick question. I have a X10i - 2.1 update 1 2.1.A.0.435

    Is it ok to use = DDED: X10a _2_1_A_0_435 with DualTouch

    The difference being X10a and I have a X10i.

    I'm a new comer to the X10 so I just want to be sure.
  16. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    Yes you can install that firmware version without any problems.
    that's the good thing about this program and firmwares. You can always have the last version dispite your original firmware doesn't have a update yet.
  17. Ondafly

    Ondafly New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, Rendeiro.

    Can I use the flash tool to root the phone only (without having to go through the flash process?)

    I don't think I need to flash / debrand the phone. I have only had the phone for 2 weeks and have ran the offical SE update from 1.6 to 2.1 via PC companion.

    Phone info = X10i <> 2.1-update1 <> Base 2.1.54 <>Kernel 2.6.29 <> Build 2.1.A.0.435
  18. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    It seems that you already have the latests firmware so there's no need flashing again.
    Of course you can root without flash. You can do all of the existing possibilities independently.
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  19. Ondafly

    Ondafly New Member

    Thanks mate, rooted with ease!
  20. pinginn

    pinginn New Member

    ok well i got my phone from att@16:05 from fedx an its now rooted at 16:10 ima overhall this phone thanks to this guide so thx =D
  21. vineshp

    vineshp New Member

    I got an error stating 'Please Accept root permissions on the phone' when I try to clean the SE apps. Why is that?
  22. diogopsantana

    diogopsantana New Member

    Amigo, gostaria de saber se voc
  23. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

  24. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member

    So do I have to flash my phone in order to install the Cyanogen6.1.3 ROM?
  25. rendeiro2005

    rendeiro2005 Well-Known Member

    witch one? this?

    like i said there...

    so... no:D

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