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flex-provider uninstalledSupport

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  1. jivalaraza

    jivalaraza New Member


    I am using LG Optimus GT540 mobile phone and an android firmware of 2.1. Today while freeing up some space from my internal memory I uninstalled a application named flex-provider 2.1 (the word flex for sure) and now I am facing all sorts of problem on my phone. My giant share of applications are not running, even some built applications are not running as well so as I can't access my messages, phone settings stops unexpectedly. When I tried to connect my phone to my desktop it did not show up in the connected device so I can repair via USB. So can anyone please help me ? Thanks in advance

  2. arzoiumarian

    arzoiumarian New Member

    same problem here on my Lg p500....i think we need to 'hard reset'

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