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  1. Hey Everyone,

    so, we're Flexilis, a company developing a really awesome mobile security app. Our free beta for android is just about ready to roll, and we're looking for testers! If you'd like to test, just shoot me a direct message here, or send us an email at support.at.flexilis.dot.com, saying you want in on the android beta, and we can get you set up.

    If possible, also include your experience beta testing other apps, and how much of an android enthusiast you'd say you are. :) Those who submit that info are more likely to be bumped up the list to being in the first round of testers.

    For more info about what the Flexilis app does, check us out at http://www.flexilis.com, and of course, we do the twitter thing too, over at Flexilis (flexilis) on Twitter

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Thanks everyone who's been interested and either DM'd, emailed, or twitterred us about the android beta, got a lot of great sign ups and have decided to open it even more! If you'd like to be a beta tester for Flexilis on Android, just DM, email (at the address in the last post), or @reply us on twitter, (@flexilis), and tell us you're interested in being a Flexilis beta tester for android!

    Thanks everyone!
    Community Director,
    Flexilis Mobile Security
  3. Also, if anyone has ideas or suggestions on what they'd like to see from Flexilis or in a Mobile security suite for android, feel free to let us know! :)
  4. Hey Everyone!

    Our first round of the beta has kicked off to a great start, and things seem to be rockin'! We've for some great feedback from out current android testers and we're making some amazing stuff happen!

    Things are going so well we've decided to open the beta to another round of testers! Interested? drop us a DM, @reply on twitter, or email to support.at.flexilis.dot.com, to be added! First come first serve! Anyone not getting in on the this round will be put at the front of the waiting list for the round!


    Flexilis Mobile Security
    Flexilis (flexilis) on Twitter
  5. Hi!

    First off, we'd like to convey a big thank you to everyone from Android Forums who helped us beta test Flexilis! With your help and feedback, we removed bugs, added great features, and more!

    Now for the bigger news...

    We're now LIVE in the Android Marketplace! Feel free to go grab it!

    Thanks Everyone!


    Chris Darbro
    Community Director
    Flexilis Mobile Security
    Twitter: @Flexilis

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