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  1. acedjohn

    acedjohn New Member

    Hey, i have not long had the Motorola Flipout and it's my 1st android phone.

    I'm not that stupid when it comes to tech but i've got a problem that i can't get my head round! :mad:

    I plug the phone into the pc and i can't see all the files that are actually on the phone! I've got Astro file manager and can see them all on the phone but not on the pc?

    This will sound silly but all i want to do is get a Gameboid save file so i can cheat with it haha.

    Plus some pictures and a folder i put on it can't be seen neither and it's just annoying!

    Any help?? What am i doing wrong?

    Thanks :)

  2. acedjohn

    acedjohn New Member

    Ah i figured it out :D

    All i had to do was change 'Portal and tools' to 'Memory card access' on the phone

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