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  1. echostatic

    echostatic Member

    I would like to request how to root the flipside without enabling unknown sources because on my model i can't.

  2. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Wish I could help. Have you asked in the Everything Root area of this site?
  3. Psychv4

    Psychv4 Member

    Ive rooted my Flipside. Its honestly not that great since most people Dev on better phones and not a lot is meant for this phone. Most of what works on the backflip should work on our flipsides though but dont quote me on that. im only going by the fact that theyre both in the MotoBlur family.
    Anyway, I explain how to root the Flipside in this link. Have fun.

  4. CoolPhoneMan

    CoolPhoneMan Member

    i seem to hae forgotten the password to my flipside anyone have any sugestions?

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