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Fluctuating Signal and internet speed

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  1. 94BULLITT

    94BULLITT New Member

    Sitting still my phone at my house will have up to 4 bars and as little as 1 bar. The signal strength will go from 86dbm to 101dbm. The signal does not fluctuate alot of the time until I touch the screen then it drops and stays there. I called virgin mobile and the guy said it was normal for the bars to go fluctuate and I told him I was sitting still. They reset my network connection but it did not seem to help. Also my internet speed fluctuates from the worst of 42kbps to a best of 802 kbps. I realize the internet speed may vary but I don't think this is normal. Is it normal for this to happen or is there something wrong with my phone? My phone is a samsung intercept.

  2. mikeca

    mikeca Well-Known Member

    Thats pretty much the way it is from what my wide and I have beent experiencing as well. Mostly works but.... Friends on att with I phones seem to be only slightly more stable. Definitelydefinitely not worth the price difference.
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  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    I used to have that phone (it's now my daughters). What you've described is normal for the Intercept.

    My roommate back home has the Intercept from Sprint and it's the same way.
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  4. 94BULLITT

    94BULLITT New Member

    Thanks for the replies. When i first got the phone it did not do this and the internet was fast for a phone. I can live with the signal fluctuating, i thought it may be linked to the slow internet. I checked it at various places today and several times it was 30kbps. Right now my internet is 200kbps. The internet is so slow it is aggravating. My neighbor has a the same phone I need to get her to run a speedtest.

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