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Flyer vs. Galaxy 7 Plus?General

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  1. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Is the Galaxy Tab worth an extra $100?

    Galaxy Tab 7 Plus @ $399
    android 3.2
    1.2hz. dual core

    3mp camera
    12.2 oz.
    IR remote

    HTC Flyer @ $299
    android 2.3
    1.5hz. single
    5 mp camera
    14.8 oz.

  2. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The 1.5ghz Scorpion (as proven by Anandtech) smokes the current OMAP and Tegra 2 dual cores for Flash and game emulators (My D3 and Thrive are wimps compared to the Flyer for those functions)..

    Due to these facts and $100 less, I choose Flyer :)
  3. hkklife

    hkklife Well-Known Member

    If the Flyer was all-black (like the EVO View) I'd take it in a heartbeat. I just detest white products, especially electronics.

    I'm holding for a 2nd-generation Flyer in black running ICS and a higher resolution screen. Barring that, perhaps the Galaxy Tab Plus if there's a price drop to $350 or below or maybe the Tab 7.7 if it ever arrives Stateside.
  4. jd78

    jd78 Member

    I actually have both tablets (well, technically an EVO View) on my desk right now (including a Kindle Fire)... Only the EVO View is staying. I really wanted to like the GT 7.0 Plus, but both the original one that I bought and the replacement overheat and lock up. The left side gets really warm and I can't finish a entire video without it locking up.

    The EVO View was over $100 less, does everything I want it too and does it perfectly, and IMO HTC has better widgets than Samsung. To top it all off, I haven't even picked up the digital scribe yet... Not sure if I will, but at least I know there are built in features I haven't even used yet.
  5. hkklife

    hkklife Well-Known Member

    If there was just a $50 price difference, I'd go with the Samsung. But right now I have been heavily researching both devices and I am really leaning towards the HTC.

    HTC Pros:
    -Industry standard microUSB port for sync/charge & MHL
    -More durable build quality (ie not all plastic like Samsung)
    -I prefer Sense & its widgets over TouchWiz
    -Available stylus
    -Single-core CPU is still superior in some benchmarks and applications

    Samsung 7.0 Plus Pros:
    -Fantastic screen. A shame it's still only 1024x600
    -Great performance from dual-core Exynos CPU
    -Much thinner & lighter
    -More stylish due to darker color (I hate white, especially on electronics!)
    -Better cameras
    -Ships with Honeycomg and ICS is coming eventually
  6. jd78

    jd78 Member

    Have you actually used the Samsung? It's supposed to be the better device, but not worth the price difference. Regardless of my own issues with it, other users have reported several bugs (i.e. Sleep of Death, auto brightness, heat issues, etc.). Also the screen isn't any better than the HTC, IMO the Flyer/EVO View has better color... FYI the 7.0 Plus isn't AMOLED, it's the same screen on the original tab.

    IMO, it's just not worth the $400 price.
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Flyer rocks. Just wish the sd card access was not a pain.
  8. Snow_Fox

    Snow_Fox Well-Known Member

    Eh.. call me crazy... but the limited experience I have with the flyer made it feel more responsive than any tablet I've used out there...

    That includes toying around with the ipad 2 demo at best buy, galaxy tab, ect ect ect.

    people really under estimate that 1.5 ghz core...

    I was hooked the first time I got to play with it.. and I'm dying for mine to arrive now.
  9. shenese

    shenese New Member

    You can go on ebay and by the black casing for it.


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