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  1. Daison

    Daison New Member

    Folks! Currently I have been using FlytoMap applications on my iPhone and wanted to use the same on Android. Recently I have seen few maps of same developer ported for Android on different websites. And I'm interested to download.

    Can anyone tell me how are they?

    Does the apps have the same functionality and map quality?

    If suggestions from anyone who already used the product would be deeply appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.:)

  2. Ericcson

    Ericcson New Member

    [FONT=&quot]Hi bro this is ericcson[/FONT], [FONT=&quot]The ability to download maps to use offline in foreign countries saves a fortune in data fees. This app combines features of about 3 other apps to make a really complete utility,[/FONT][FONT=&quot]I have all the addresses but I don
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  3. Brosnan

    Brosnan New Member

    Great alternative when internet is not available, used with my dirtbike out if cell service works great, Tells you average speed, time stopped, total distance, will graph altitudes changes. Saves your route so you can load it in google earth and share your route great app.
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