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flytouch 2.. bad flash, it wont start....Support

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  1. kloenie

    kloenie Member

    hi there,

    my wife had the SD card in de tablet.
    she starts the tablet to work on it...
    see the firmware update...
    click on de sd so it comes uit...

    now the tablet is vibrating and gife nice bright screens... but no android startup..

    is it bricked ?
    can i fix this ?
    i know there is a SD card on the mainboard.


  2. kloenie

    kloenie Member

    nobody ??
  3. Moribus

    Moribus Member

    Plug in charger, and it should work.
  4. kloenie

    kloenie Member

    charger is in, tablet is starting, vibration, en get nice colours....
    thats it
  5. Moribus

    Moribus Member

    Try to do alot of resets. I had same problem, but my tablet was only not charged enough.
  6. Tejaljay

    Tejaljay Member

  7. calinmateo

    calinmateo Member

    My SD was in ,and is start update when my sd pop out ,after my tablet is start vibrating!
    any suggestion ?Thanks

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