flytouch 2 battery dies when powered off.Support

  1. lowtrade

    lowtrade New Member

    I had this for about a week and used it constantly, while trying to learn to use it. I remember reading something about a battery management system which turns off power draining things when powered down.

    Thought that makes no sense, when it's off it's off. But I didn't use my fully powered tablet for 2 days and when I picked it up the battery was used up.

    Anyone know anything about this???

  2. jannoi

    jannoi Member

    Yes known problem, just shut it really down when you don't use it. The power button is more like a "turn off screen button" when its pressed a short time.

    When you hold it longer you can switch it off.

    I hope the sleep state is better in the firmwares released this month.
  3. johnspanish

    johnspanish New Member

    I had the same problem with the Flytouch 3. I shut it down completely, I held the power button in until it vibrates (about 2 seconds) and the 'Power Off' option with the red slide button appears and then I slide it to shut it down. I don't think you can get more shut down then that. It was fully charged when I did that. I left it for 2 days and when I turned it on the battery was near empty and it wanted to be charged straight away.

    I'm still looking into this. I did find a task management app in the market that seems to help. I've installed 'Advanced Task Manager' (there appear to be others that are similar) and I use it to kill off everything before I shut it down. I've done this and left it for a day switched off and the battery was still at 100%. Haven't got around to trying it switched off for longer yet.

    Anyway, I'm still trying to find out more on this. Hope this is of some help.
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  4. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Just something I noticed that after you power down(if you can) hit the reset button that seems to knock the thing out if it didn't fully shutdown.

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