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  1. tonystablet

    tonystablet New Member

    Waited 6 weeks to take delivery of dodgy Flytouch 3/superpad 2 from china, filed a claim with paypal in the meantime for non receipt of goods, got my money back no problem. Glad i did because it finally arrived free of charge and never worked correctly! I opened it up and noticed the 40 pin ribbon connector to screen PCB, was bent and hardly clasping to the PCB,, manually pressing the connector down with my finger fired the tablet it up no problem,, I have no problem finding 40 pin ribbon cable,, my main issue is I have looked everywhere for the connector/coupling for the ribbon cable that fits to the screen PCB but can't find them anywhere, any one help me on this i would be eternally grateful.:)

  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Try Farnells or RS... If your existing clip is not latching properly get a magnifying glass and have a good look in the connector for debris. How's your soldering skills?.. the 40 way connector is bl00dy small!!
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  3. tonystablet

    tonystablet New Member

    Thanks for quick reply, the connector is totally busted and snapped away from the ribbon, so will have to replace ribbon and connector,, as for soldering it on, thought about that and may do as a last resort if i can find a Atom Microscope LOL , tried RS & farnells and will keep on looking! regards!
  4. oherc

    oherc Member

    please let me know, I'm in same situation, in need of this cable.
  5. oherc

    oherc Member

    still looking

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