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Flytouch 3 - Android 2.2General

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  1. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    They look to be An international version of Amazon. I could have saved $30. Oh well...

    Fron the web site:

    "DHgate Buyer Protection
    Your payment is ONLY released
    to the seller after you receive and
    are satisfied with the item."

  2. criminalogic

    criminalogic Member

    Once you have your tracking number (depending on customs) it seems to take less then 10 days...
    I was told my ft3 tracking nunbers would be out monday....
    Allthough one i think i ordered on the 20th still didnt have tracking info last weekend.. havent checked this week though......
  3. criminalogic

    criminalogic Member

    If flash works with other fltouch3's Why not chinnagrabbers??
    How can we solve this??
  4. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    FCrom what I've read in other forums, this is a limitation of the hardware. There is no actual FT3 out yet by Gome, but rather a FT2 with more ram and storage.

    None of the FT3s out there are able to run flash 10.1.

  5. samaruf

    samaruf Well-Known Member

    Bit the bullet and bought one from Dhgate.com for $222.58 with free shipping. Leather case and USB keyboard are included. Let's hope it arrives on time.
  6. tarakmehta

    tarakmehta New Member

    How does one insert micro sd on flytouch 3. Does the metal contacts on micro sd face down or up towards the screen.
  7. Arasagumar

    Arasagumar New Member

  8. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    You looking for a different answer on this board? Yes, the tv out is the HDMI mini. The audio out is the 3.5 jack. It saves a little bit over ************ after shipping, but less than $10 bucks it seems.

    Considering I've seen people on both boards have been receiving the ones from ************, I'm glad that's who I went with... for now.
  9. Arasagumar

    Arasagumar New Member

  10. mutari

    mutari Well-Known Member

  11. Arasagumar

    Arasagumar New Member

    Hi friends,

    Can any one confirm the AV out works with AV Video out cable plug in at earphone output, who brought from ************. Because it mension at the manufacturer webside. TQ.
  12. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

    Hello guys, can someone check if FT3 has audio quality problems as FT2?
    Does GPS works correctly?
  13. Rin

    Rin New Member

    Is it safe to buy there?I saw many negative reviews about this site.
    I also wanna order it for 222 dollars and free dhl shipping..but I'm a bit afraid.. did you get the tracking number?
  14. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    got mine from ************ took 1 week to deliver but i used the express shipping
    doesnt have flash youtube doesnt work, angry birds doesnt work but their working on that.
    flashed it with the 'new' firmare and no change from what i can see.
    adobe havnt released a flash for this OS yet and will eventually id say.
    apps are fine with working androidmarket. films are grand. sound is terrible from speakers tho designed for headphones.
    separate case/keyboard is fine!
    2 usb ports are fine.
    touch screen is good, browsing the net is quick
    battery once charged for a few hours over night will give you round 2hrs light use.
  15. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Well-Known Member

    Man, I was thinking about getting one, but that sounds pretty crappy. I don't mind a little sacrifice for lower prices, but this sounds like too much. Bummer. Thanks for the review.
  16. apad3

    apad3 New Member

  17. apad3

    apad3 New Member

  18. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    id save a bit more and get a brand name kinda regretting this.
    if all you want is browsing and watching films on usb and playing shit game apps then its prob worth it
    but for me the fact their youtube vid shows them using angry birds and youtube app is a blatant con
  19. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    Well, You tube is a BIG bummer, but acceptable, the lack of angry birds has my daughter upset. I guess once it gets here I'm going to join the forces of those who are trying to root it and get honeycomb on.

    So how's the GPS. Have you loaded google maps? Have you loaded google sky map? These are the "toys" I want it for!
  20. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    from when i recieved my tracking order it took a week to be delivered from ************ on express though paid 25euro for it worth it.
    tracked through hongkongpost then when in ireland through our main service was no bother :)
    also worth the buy is the leathercase/keyboard !
  21. k_ogre

    k_ogre New Member

    got mine in 7 days after tracking #
    no youtube but plays angry birds
    any one root this yet?
  22. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Update: I just received my flypad 3(flypad 2 + extra RAM). I ordered from merimobiles on the 4th and it just came via DHL this morning. So for $246 that was a pretty good turn around.
  23. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    I'm thinking of biting the same bullet as you as I like the price and free shipping. How do we know these are originals and not knockoffs?
  24. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    So how do you like it? Does it seem less wider than an ipad?
  25. aletriz1

    aletriz1 New Member

    hi...i bought the flytouch 2.2 tablet...just got it ,turn it on and it was working fine,it froze and i hit the reset button,it turns on and it looks like it booting up but then it stays on the green screen and nothing happens...i reset it 3 times again and nothing.is there something else im doing wrong?

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