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Flytouch 3 - Android 2.2General

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  1. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to our world Smith77. Flash is pretty nasty on this tablet but at least it "works". I hope that by the next firmware they have that all worked out. If not, oh well it's not a part of my tablet web life anyway(and it still works wonderfully on my phone)

  2. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Mine has shipped.
  3. fleet75

    fleet75 Member

  4. fleet75

    fleet75 Member

    Hey, smith, you can confirm that it's a FlyTouch 3 and not a FlyTouch 2 with extra RAM?


  5. andriod34

    andriod34 Member

    That is awesome price.. but battery is 5800 mah. But still it is a very good price as compared to the one I ordered few days ago from ********** for $195 without keyboard and cover. Also the one I ordered has 2.3Mega Pixel camera.
  6. andriod34

    andriod34 Member

    How is the resistive touch screen on tablet? Can someone make comments on this? Can you install swype and type emails?
  7. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Not so great to me, the price doesn't include shipping and is $204.16, but it does include the keyboard case.

    I dont even know if you can check battery specs to see if they are true? I have seen from 3000 up to 8000. Camera 1.3Meg, 2.1Meg, now 2.3Meg. Also one TF slot or two.

    I wonder how hard these are to take apart?
  8. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    @ andriod34 course you can write emails its a pc
    and the sensitivity of the scrolling etc is grand!
    as for the keyboard you can install a good few differant ones , 'best andriod keyboard' is the best one ive come across so far !
  9. andriod34

    andriod34 Member

    My unit is in transit as per DHL tracking. After receiving, I can try to open the battery cover and see actual rating on the battery.

    As per the rating, I am expecting 6 hours battery life and I will update with the actual numbers.

    How can we see what is the actual camera resolution!!
  10. andriod34

    andriod34 Member

    Hi MixterZ,

    Thanks for the update...
  11. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Mine is in transit also, I hope it is having a nice flight.

    Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG
  12. jannoi

    jannoi Member

    @ MrSmith317
    I haven't tested the latest versions extended, Ill order some more Flytouch 3 models from CG. To me shipping takes about a week (tracked HK post).
    Hope i can make a dump of the root, so i can share the latest firmwares.
    And i have to because I have several models still running on the firmware of January 2011.

    And for the ones who want to know, The matching Keyboard Case is Superb!
    I've even attached a Bluetooth Keyboard, and it worked directly! and a cursor on this tablet is awesome.

    @ andriod34
    You can take a picture with the camera en see its resolution of the picture.
    If the camera sensor is the same quality, thats a different story.
    But guessing from my models its about 1.3 MP
  13. robmclain1975

    robmclain1975 Member

    I ordered mine yesterday and it is supposed to be shipped today. I got mine off of eBay (paid $259 plus $34 shipping, comes with the case and keyboard, stylus, etc and I should have it by Monday morning the guy said). It's my first tablet and I will more than likely root it (I have the Evo and just got it rooted a few weeks ago and love the extra things I can do with it being rooted). I am hoping that everything works on it right out the box. He said everything will but we will see. I will let you guys know once I get it!
  14. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Do you know how to dump the firmware on these tablets? If so, I'll dump my 3022011 firmware for you. I just have no clue, I haven't even tried ADB with this thing since I don't have a USB A-to-A cable and need to buy one.
  15. Arturhash

    Arturhash New Member

    Hello, just bought this one from an ebay seller called davepalot_com and seems genuine, although the pictures are from TF2 he says that the one he sends is TF3 and already with Flash 10.1.

    The price wasn't a bargain
  16. elge

    elge Member

  17. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to hear about people that have used the update because I have that version and flash runs pretty crappily if I do say so....and I do.
  18. jammin121

    jammin121 Member

    face down
  19. elge

    elge Member

    Fls in brwoser is indeed crappily but it works...it's a start. And for Youtube you can use the youtube + Vimeo.apk that wotks fine for youtube films
  20. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Mine arrived yesterday and it has two TF slots not one. Runs good and I'm gonna play around with it doing some tweaks from suggestions. 281 on quadrant.
  21. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    Do you mean the FT2 thats just been upgraded to from 2.1 to 2.2?

    Mine is running 2.2, but you may be right. I didnt think it would matter as they can always take a FT2 board and put it in a FT3 case, make some changes and now its a FT3. I can say I do not think I can live with the faults of this unit and will return it.
  22. robmclain1975

    robmclain1975 Member

    Ok, I have a question. I should be getting my FT3 hopefully tomorrow. The question I have is can I load additional external devices you this unit? For example, I am an insurance agent & we use an epad to collect digital signatures. Would I be able to hook up this epad in the usb port, upload the device drivers & be able to use it? Would make my life a lot easier if I could...lugging around my laptop is getting old! Thanks all!
  23. 70challenger

    70challenger Active Member

    There's not really device drivers for android that I know of, I can tell you that I plugged in a wireless mouse and it works great. Why don't you buy a 10" netbook for $300?
    robmclain1975 likes this.
  24. robmclain1975

    robmclain1975 Member

    Guess I wanted a new toy. Have used a laptop for several years and I want something small & light weight. I had a netbook but battery life sucked & just seemed you be more of a pain. Hopong this will work a little better.
  25. drain1000

    drain1000 New Member


    Does anyone know what the wifi range is like on the Flytouch 3? I don't want to have to be within a few feet of the router....want to use this in other rooms of the house.


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