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  1. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    There actually nice if you have the updated firmware.

    Word of warning, DO NOT put LockPattern OnOff widget on. I set mine up then locked it to test it and it COMPLETELY locked me out!!! I had to use the firmware update to basically reimage my tablet!

  2. durguin

    durguin New Member


    As you notice, I am a newbie here and to the android tablet world too... I do not own one for now but, reading this forum, i was going to try the flytouch 3 when I saw the Facepad here :

    iBex Facepad Android 2.2 Tablet Pc - 10" 4gb GPS Flash 10.1 Apad

    It seems to be exactly the same thing as the flytouch 3 but, being more recent, maybe the flash is working and some other bugs solved ?

    I tried to find some reviews on it but got no luck... So i thought I would ask you your opinions... Any help would be appreciated !

    Thank you!

    P.S. This forum is really great!
  3. QuietFire

    QuietFire Member

    Looks pretty much like the exact same thing I got, only with a prettier box and 15$ added to the price. Specs are the same and the ports are in the same place.

    I think it is yet another packaging for the same tablet. :eek:
  4. borghead

    borghead New Member

    Hiya all ....

    I've been reading about Android devices for a while now and wanted to get one. However, financialy right now, it isn't going to happen. My daughter had been saving her money to buy an iPad, but when I showed her what a Flytouch 3 could do, she decided to get one instead. She might as well as she mostly just surfs and emails anyway. So she gave me the money (no credit with dad) and I ordered one from DHGate ( 10.2quot; Flytouch 3 III GPS Android 2.2 Froyo Tablet PC Inf...USD 222.58/Piece Wholesale Price at It comes with a case and USB keyboard and free shipping ($222 US - $215 CAD). I ordered it Saturday night. As the site says, they take 3 days for processing. I got my email on Monday night saying that it had been shipped (DHL) and provided me with a tracking number. It took 1 1/2 days to make it to Canadian Custom, another 1 1/2 to clear and be delivered to my house yesterday morning. Couldn't believe how quickly it was delivered.

    Loving it, everything so far seems to be working like a charm. The occasional hiccup with flash 10.1. Haven't tried GPS as yet (can't pry it out of my daughters hands until she's in bed). However, one thing bothers me. On the desktop, there is a weather display app. Preset for Shanghai. I went in to change it. It lists all these countries but NO CANADA. WTF. Does anybody know if there is a file I can adjust to get and display weather for a Canadian city? Or do I have to download a seperate weather app?

    I have also read about Market not displaying all the apps (running version 20110316 - Disco). I assume this is why I can't seem to find Skype to download for Android. Any suggestions?

  5. toscal

    toscal Well-Known Member

    I would say your GPS is working but the nav program doesn't support mapping in your area. Try using something, like GPS Test from android market. There is a free version or you can buy the pro version for less than 2 euros. This should give you an indication if your GPS works or not.
  6. durguin

    durguin New Member

    Hi QuietFier,

    Tanx for the reply... I tried to read your past posts but I still would like to know where you are with your flytouch ? Is everything working for you now ?

    And yes I understand that FacePAD seems to be the same machine thean the Flytouch3 but it seems more recent, so do you think to some problems might be solved in it like flash, youtube, ... ? I have no experience with "china" stuff... The price difference is not huge so maybe I shoud try it ? What do you think ?

    Thank you!
  7. bjellys

    bjellys Member

    Hi can the owners of flytouch3 4 gig and 8 gig please tell me when going into Settings/Internal device storage What their available space is please.
    As mine was only 780 mg out of the box and going down with every app i install.
    My Flytouch3 is an 8 gig There is 6gig in the local folder but this is not much use as the apps do not install there.
  8. blaw918

    blaw918 Active Member

    a true ft3 has 2 micro sd slots that total 32gigs max. the single microsd slot only supports 16gigs max. none of these tablets accually support flash 10.1. they say they do on the box and on the websites but adobe doesnt support the proccesors in these tablets. (arm procesors)
  9. veegee

    veegee New Member

    Go to Search for flytouch 3. There are several videos available there :

    YouTube - Latest Fly Touch 3 Android 2.2 Froyo 10.2'' EPad Tablet 3G GPS Review
  10. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

    does anyone have problems with color reproduction? all peoples on photos are blue as in avatar film :eek: that sucks! viewing angles sucks too
  11. DamnYankee

    DamnYankee New Member

    Received my flytouch 3 and having trouble responding to emails either gmail or yahoo.Thoughts?
  12. evans62

    evans62 New Member

    All the posts I have seen say the "real" Flytouch 3 has 1 TF slot, not 2. Which is correct?

    By the way...where can I download the latest rooted Android 2.2 version for FT3? Is a Honeycomb version available?
  13. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    Evans, there is no real FT3. What we're calling the FT3 is really more like an FT2 generation 2. Just boosted specs on a FT2. This model carries one TF slot whereas the real FT2 has two. Also the FT3 comes with Android 2.2 stock and can be rooted fairly easily(there are a bunch of threads on this just search). Lastly no there is no Honeycomb ROM and probably won't be for some time since the source for Honeycomb hasn't been released yet.
  14. Howler 555

    Howler 555 New Member

    I received my Flytouch 3 and yes it was a "true" 3 from DHGate Seller Eshenzen this morning. There service was top notch and the communication excellent. Unfortunately this is where the good news ends...

    Ill break it down into a review that I wish I read...

    Physical Unit-

    Decent weight, not overly heavy but a nice heft. The device is plastic, twice the thickness of an iPad by comparison or a thick magazine. The overall build quality is excellent for what this product is. The buttons respond well, the device is held together strongly and I was pleased with the black and silver appearance. Battery is strong for a generic at 6 plus hours.


    Horrific. Only at the best of angles does this tablet begin to have any sense of beauty. If you have any intention of watching movies on this device DO NOT PURCHASE. The screen is plastic feeling in the worst way, it indents as you push into the resistive screen. More on that... For a resistive screen it is actually very responsive and was not an issue I had. With the proper force it feels capable and a stylus is included but it does scratch the screen with improper use. What ruins the functionality is the constant feeling of the screen indenting into itself. The deathblow for this screen however is it's brightness which is pitiful at best and combined with poor viewing angles kills the screen as an entertainment piece despite a solid touch capability. *Used in the dark it is upgraded from "Ugh WTF" to "Meh" for what it's worth...


    Standard Android 2.2 minus functioning market, proper application installation, and an inability to handle anything in a smooth function other than flipping from screen to screen, the button I used the most was reset after watching this tablet lock up and I began to beg for mercy.
    A Quadrant Standard test brings the results of 482. (Meanwhile my Atrix brings a 2493...) Flash is an unholy abomination on this device. While attempting to watch NHL highlights I was treated to Red New York Ranger jerseys and green ice. YouTube is not enabled as an app and buffers along at a whimpering pace. Mind you I have 52mbps internet... the final straw that made me want to take this thing out back like old yeller... the 16g card included had a total meltdown and needed suicide watch and a wipe to get working before the tablet simply kept looping the loading screen.

    Closing Thoughts-

    This tablet has something going for it if you have some seriously low standards or simply want to check your email and browse on a 10' screen despite that screen being an eye-sore. But I purchased this to handle all my browsing, gaming, and essentially replace my laptop while giving me a similar quality to my Android phone. This does not come close. Under no circumstance would I elect to use this device over any android phone made recently. I was genuinely excited and attempted to have reasonable expectations but this is simply low quality. I would recommend spending the additional money on a tablet such as the Archos that has a screen that is high quality enough to be enjoyable as well as the benefit of capacitive touch. I do not want to come across as somebody who expected an iPad, I purchased this knowing it would not match it but the absolute ass kicking it receives is astounding. If you must get this tablet or chock me up to 1 whiny review then I would recommend DHGate and Eshenzen. They respond quick, the guarantee is excellent, and the tablet arrived quickly. Overall what a bummer...


    I also received the leather keyboard case. It works well, swanky construction and overall a cool accessory I would recommend.
  15. paulm22

    paulm22 Member

    I'm still waiting for mine! I've been told I should receive it this Thursday/Friday.

    I have been reading reviews regularly on this device and more are positive than negative. It seems different people have different problems though which shows an inconsistency in quality. I obviously hope I haven't got a dodgey one.
    Here is a recent youtube video rating this device. This guy seems to like it. YouTube - FLYTOUCH 3 (English Review Version)

    The same user has uploaded a video showing its flash player in action too. Not that good yet to say the least but with a bit of luck will hopefully get sorted in the future.

    I can't wait to get my hands on it to see what it's like. Ideally I would of liked to have seen one in real life before purchasing it but it wont be the end of the world if I am disappointed.

    Has anybody tried a video call on these things yet? Obviously not with Skype, but with Tango or similar app?
  16. paulm22

    paulm22 Member

  17. cyberbob

    cyberbob Member

    Great video reviews, thanks for posting those. I agree with you on the consistency thing and based on the prevailing sentiments around here I think the best place to order one is from ************. Despite what the other guy said about the poor screen image quality, it looks pretty darn good to me in all the youtube reviews I have seen, and I've watched a bunch of them in a variety of different lighting conditions. Can't wait for mine to arrive, should be here in about a week or so.:cool:
  18. mrbil

    mrbil Member

    Hi. New to androidforums. Have been reading here for a while. It seems that the confusion is clearing a bit as to which is what and such.

    Would really like to see some of you "in the know" folks write blogs putting all you have on all these forums together, clearly and true detail, of course.

    For now seems everyone is busy as bees just keeping up.

    When we see a tab come out of china with full 2.2 support, as in max ram, max cpu, and wide open for root install whatever we want, kernal, android os(s), then these manufactures will have hit the sweet spot and we users will be like-n-it.

    Had superpad(1) bricked it, have flytouch 3 on the way.

    Thanks all for your input and support.

  19. Woodyandroid

    Woodyandroid Well-Known Member

    Well, this guy seems to be in the same place as I am on this unit. I really like mine and the screen is very good for me.
    I am ordering 4-5 of them next week for a few friends and my brothers. So that should tell you something on my end and they all have seen and used mine. I could have sold 2 today at Starbucks, while I was using mine and fielding questions for another 2+ hours with the battery usage at 68% and the end.
  20. ftanl

    ftanl Member

    Hi, I have the same problem. Did you find a workaround for the weather app?
  21. borghead

    borghead New Member

    Hiya ftanl .....

    No, I haven't found a work around, however, I haven't spent that much time on it. My daughter hasn't complained about it recently (it's her flytouch), I'm just the tech support. ;-)
  22. Howler 555

    Howler 555 New Member

    After watching these reviews I feel even more ripped off. My screen is nowhere close to the brightness these guys are getting. Anybody else just have awful brightness?
  23. cyberbob

    cyberbob Member

    In this thread there is a discussion about a firmware update curing a low brightness problem....

    If you've already got the latest firmware, then perhaps you just got a defective unit. If it was mine and a firmware update did not cure the trouble I would see about returning it for a replacement. I know it won't do you much good now, but it seems that the majority of people are getting the best/most up to date Flytouch 3's from "************" or "Pricedinchina"
  24. hhan123

    hhan123 Member

    I got mine from ********** too with similar specs.

    Here is my experience:

    1. Power adapted got knocked out within the 1st day. But I happened to have a spare.

    2. The WIFI works as well as the other netbooks and devices I have around the house.

    3. YouTube works.

    4. Android Market up and working.

    5. The built-in browser was not displaying some colors correctly. But Opera works fine.

    6. Angry Bird works fine.

    The GPS and 3G I haven't have time to test.

    The BIGGEST problem I found is the G-Sensors appear to be reversed which means games like Raging Thunder & Labyrinth cannot be played properly. It appears that left/right is up/down and vice-versa. If not for this problem it would be a great value for money device.

    Anyone tested their G-sensors for games?...Same problem or working?
  25. hhan123

    hhan123 Member

    Have you checked the gsensors? Try downloading Raging Thunder or Labyrinth
    from the Market.

    Everything works okay (so far) except my G-sensors are reversed for games.

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