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Flytouch 3 clone ?General

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  1. Sadn

    Sadn New Member

    hey guys i just reciveved my new flytouch 3 pad and was quite suprised when the box said Superpad 3, from what i understand it seems that the Superpad 3 should be a CLone model of the Flytouch 3

    what brings me to the issue hopefully someone with a lager brain than mine can help me out.

    I rooted my Tablet to Tims ROM and so far its working "fine" what means i can surf, use the andriod market and the wifi is working faultless. The main problem here is games and Apps, most games i tried simple just freezes the device and a hard reset is needed, other game just lag like hell if i do manage to play one. The G-sensor is working like crap even calibrating doesnt help a thing.

    i wrote the Firm i bought the Pad from, and their reply was as follows :


    The item is a superpad 3, it is not a clone and works 100% fine. It uses the official Flytouch 3 firmwares, uses the Disco10 operating system and has a 7000mah battery so should have a long battery life. If you have any problems with the device we can sort these out for you

    My Questions for you guys is :
    is there any way of testing if its a clone FT3 ?
    How can i prove that its a Clone if it actually is a clone ? :confused:

    I hope someone here can help me

    and thx in Advance

    Hugs and kisses


  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

  3. Sadn

    Sadn New Member

    i worry about getting ripped off is that so weird ?

    everything should work.. i just wanna know if i got ripped off by the company and have bought a Half shitty Faulty Clone Tablet, where half the things they said would work doesnt.
  4. Sadn

    Sadn New Member

    thx Acgreen, appreciate the input .. just wish there was a way to prove it without ripping the thing apart :) but I guess ill never be able to get a seller admitting they sold a Clone tablet in writing. would just be cool to have some proof so i could maybe get some of my money back
    Glad the thing kinda works, some other threads i fell over people haven't been that lucky

  5. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    Do you actually have a SHREAD of proof for what you are claiming here?...a single SHREAD? There are plenty of examples of so called 'genuine' ibex flytouches being of inferior quality...wifi....gps...battery...touch screen..they are all CHEAP TABLETS

    The seller sold the OP a FLYTOUCH3....the name FLYTOUCH is NOT COPYRIGHT....I'm not even sure China has any copyright laws. And even if they do..can you say who the copyright holder would be????

    I give up......you keep on spreading these falsehoods....the employees of ************ and ibex must be wetting themselves laughing with every post about fake and clone devices..
  6. I was scammed by an eBay seller claiming to be selling the Flytouch3 when he was really only selling a Superpad III.

    I opened my unit up and the battery was 2000mah less than what was described.

    The box said "Superpai III" - It is clearly a Superpai III and not a Flytouch3 or else the factory would have printed "Flytouch3" on the box. All the sellers would have to say is "Like the Flytouch3" or "Comperable to the Flytouch3" then they would not feel cheated when they get a Box that says Superpad III.

    Long story short, it came with no GPS antenna, had the Buggy Sawee10 Firmware (do a google search) and it was not upgradeable to Tim's 4e Rom. Hence, there really are a superior upradeable Flytouch3 and a clone Sawee 10 Superpad.

    When I went to Ebay and paypal to complain the seller had already been suspended for scamming other customers.


    Now, I am stuck with a bricked Superpad III wishing I had gotten a real Flytouch3. People should really do their homework before spending $200 on a device.
  7. Below is a list of authorized 32gb Flytouch3 resellers, all have 8000mah batteries and are not the Superpad III Sawee10 clone.

    32gb Flytouch 3 - iBex Tablet Authorized Resellers
  8. theroys88

    theroys88 New Member

    I have also purchased a so called clone. We will see if it is inferior. The only difference was that the tablet I purchased has a 6400mah battery. The same one that Ibex originally had in the flytouch 3. I agree that who knows who has rights on the design or firmware. I doubt you could actually find a building in China with Ibex on the front of it. All I know is that I got a fair deal on a 16g FT3 Disco 10 tablet. Will check back in when it arrives in a few weeks.
  9. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    It wont be inferior to an Ibex supplied FT3, apart from having a 6400mAh battery, which is what you pay Ibex the extra for - a 8000mAh Be careful if you intend flashing an updated firmware.. there are many hardware variants out there now. Perhaps you would be well advised to contact the supplier to see if they will furnish you with a link to the factory installed firmware so you have something to revert to if you have problems and all else fails.

    I hope you enjoy your purchase.
  10. Bobby1311

    Bobby1311 New Member

    I bought

    Superpad III
    Android Tab10
    Android version v2.3 2011-09-01 (001112)
    root@jackie-desktop #137
    Build FRF85B

    It runs OK (not great) but I can't get Google Play to recognize the device which means that can't buy apps.

    Any way to fix this?

  11. crosschet

    crosschet Active Member

    Ya I backed up playstore from phone to sd card restored on tab

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