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  1. lpedrop

    lpedrop New Member

    i have bought on flytouch 3, at least is writen on the the box, superpad III

    now i have the display broken and the seller tell's me that is an 10'' inch display
    but i only find 10.2'' inch replacement displays

    can someone please explain witch is the correct size, so that i can decide: buy the 10.2'' inch display that have already found or search for a 10'' inch replacement display.

    link to the vendor

    link to the replacement display


  2. nuthinfancy12

    nuthinfancy12 New Member

    I have a superpad vi and have cracked the inner display module, not the touchscreen and am, somewhat like you, having problems finding what I need to replace it. I know this is absolutely no help to you, but thought I'd just let you know your frustration has company.

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